Rudy Pankow

Pankow in 2021, DFree

Place of Birth: Ketchikan, Alaska, U.S.

Date of Birth: August 12, 1997

*father – German
*maternal grandfather – Danish, English
*maternal grandmother – Ashkenazi Jewish

Rudy Pankow is an American actor. His roles include the show Outer Banks and the films Uncharted, Accidental Texan, and The Crusades.

Rudy’s paternal grandfather was Richard Karl Pankow (the son of Erdmann/Erdman Paul Pankow and Katherine Helen Schwartz). Richard was born in Green Lake, Wisconsin. Erdmann was the son of Albert Pankow, whose parents were German, from Prussia, and of Marie Martha Kretzschmar, a German emigrant, from Saxony. Katherine was the daughter of John Charles Schwartz, who was born in Ontario, Canada, to German parents; and of Katharina/Katharine “Katie” Kraft, who was born in Ohio, to German parents, from Darmstadt, Hessen.

Rudy’s paternal grandmother was Winifred Ruth Uetzmann (the daughter of Immanuel Paul Gerhard Uetzmann and Adela Sophia Johanna Dornfeld). Winifred was born in Pickett, Wisconsin. Immanuel was the son of Carsten Heinrich Friedrich Uetzmann, a German emigrant, from Hanover, and of Mary Luise Ziemann, who was also the daughter of German parents. Adela was the daughter of Emil Frank Dornfeld and Anna Helena Henrietta Thurow, who were born in Wisconsin, to German parents.

Rudy’s maternal grandfather is Allan Dennis Pedersen (the son of Lester Daniel Pedersen and Thelma F. Dennis). Allan was born in Nebraska. Lester was the son of Niels F. Pedersen, a Danish emigrant, from Kollund, and of Maren “Minnie” Jensen, who was the daughter of Danish parents, from Hjørring. Thelma was the daughter of Clayton Gearhart Dennis and Jennie O. Steen, and had deeper roots in the U.S.

Rudy’s maternal grandmother is Cecelia/Cecilia Helena Harris (the daughter of Clifford Niles Harris and Jeanette/Jean Elizabeth Bessel). Cecelia was born in Ohio, and is Ashkenazi Jewish. Clifford was the son of Elmer D. Harris and Lillie/Lillian Gergon/Gergan, or of Edward Harris and Bertha Gurcal. Jeanette was the daughter of Morris/Maurice Bessel, who was born in the Russian Empire, and of Celia Helena Greenwald, who was from Hungary.

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