Rob Gronkowski

Rob Gronkowski

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Birth Name: Robert James Gronkowski

Place of Birth: Amherst, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: May 14, 1989

Ethnicity: Polish (at least 37.5%), some German and Swedish, possibly other

Rob Gronkowski is an American professional football player, and actor. A tight end, he played for the New England Patriots and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the National Football League (NFL). He is nicknamed “Gronk.” He is 6′6″.

Rob is the son of Diane (re-marrage surname Walters) and Gordon Gronkowski, a college football player, who founded a high-end fitness equipment business. His father is of three quarters Polish descent. He is the brother of professional football players Dan Gronkowski, Chris Gronkowski, and Glenn Gronkowski. Rob was raised in Williamsville.

Rob’s paternal grandfather was Ignatius Thomas Gronkowski (the son of Ignatius J. “Iggy” Gronkowski and Helen Majshak/Majchrzak). Rob’s grandfather Ignatius was born in New York. Rob’s great-grandfather Ignatius was an American Olympic cyclist, whose parents, Franciszek Gronkowski and Mary Bayger, were Polish. Helen was also of Polish origin, the daughter of Ludwig Majchrzak and Catharina Kasior.

Rob’s paternal grandmother was Irene L. Popiela/Papiela (the daughter of Stanislaus/Stanley Popiela/Papiela and Clara G. Anderson). Irene was born in New York. Stanislaus was born in New York, the son of Polish parents, Michael/Michal Popiela and Josephine Nowak. Clara was the daughter of Charles F. Anderson, who was of Swedish origin, and of Elizabeth, who was German.

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  1. jackson9 says:

    I think I have the details on Rob Gronkowski’s mothers side of the family.
    Maternal grandmother: Carol Ann Andres: (1934-2003) Buffalo, NY, the daughter of Norbert Eugene Andres and Irma J. Rosse. Norbert was the son of Andrew Andres (Germany) and Amelia (Emma) Fritz. Irma was the daughter of Edmund Rosse (France).
    Maternal grandfather: Thomas J. Weber: the son of Frank F. Weber and Ruth Antonette Alf. Frank was the son of John Ferdinand Weber and Mary Ann Miller. Ruth was the daughter of Anthony Alf (Germany) and Adelheit Beilmeier.

  2. bablah says:

    His paternal grandparents were Ignatius T. Gronkowski and Irene L.

    • follers says:

      Thank you. That helps fill out his background.

      • bablah says:

        Follers, did you receive my submision for Danielle Savre? I noticed that the other submisions I posted that day have been published, but not that one.

        • follers says:

          No submission for Savre was received.

          • bablah says:

            Damn, I now wish I saved it to my computer. I’ll go digging for links in browser history.
            I did save links for Sam Querrey, but I haven’t wrote it out yet. I was hoping to find out more about his Pinto line. They were Jews from Germany, but their last name is Sephardic. I don’t know much about Sephardim in Germany.

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