Renato Corona

Birth Name: Renato Tirso Antonio Coronado Corona

Date of Birth: October 15, 1948

Place of Birth: Santa Ana, Manila, Philippines

Date of Death: April 29, 2016

Place of Death: Pasig, Metro Manila, Philippines

Ethnicity: Filipino (Tagalog), some Chinese

Renato Corona was the 23rd Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines, from May 17, 2010 to May 29, 2012, when he became the first Filipino government official to be impeached. His father, Juan M. Corona, was a lawyer, from Tanauan, Batangas. His mother, Eugenia Ongcapin Coronado, was a native of Santa Cruz, Manila. He was married to Cristina Basa Roco.

Renato’s maternal grandparents were Juan P. Coronado and María R. Ongcapin. The surname “Ongcapin” is of Chinese origin.

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