Nicol Williamson

Birth Name: Thomas Nicol Williamson

Date of Birth: 14 September, 1936

Place of Birth: Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Date of Death: 16 December, 2011

Place of Death: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ethnicity: Scottish

Nicol Williamson was a Scottish actor. A highly-acclaimed stage actor, his roles also included the films The Reckoning, Laughter in the Dark, Hamlet (1969), The Jerusalem File, The Monk (1972), The Wilby Conspiracy, Robin and Marian, The Seven-Per-Cent Solution, The Goodbye Girl, The Cheap Detective, The Human Factor, Excalibur, Venom (1981), I’m Dancing as Fast as I Can, Return to Oz, Black Widow (1987), The Exorcist III, The Hour of the Pig, The Wind in the Willows (1996), and Spawn (1997); and television’s The Word (1978), Macbeth (1983), Sakharov (1984), Christopher Columbus (1985), and Lord Mountbatten: The Last Viceroy.

Nicol was born in Hamilton, Scotland, the son of Mary Brown Hill (Storrie) and Hugh Williamson, who operated an aluminium manufacturing plant, and was a hairdresser’s assistant. His family moved to Birmingham, England, when he was a year and a half. He also lived in his native Hamilton, to avoid the Blitz, during WWII, returning to Birmingham after the war. Nicol had a son with his former wife, actress Jill Townsend.

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