Niclas Wahlgren

Birth Name: Niclas Hans Ivar Wahlgren

Place of Birth: Gustavsberg, Stockholm County, Sweden

Date of Birth: 8 July, 1955

Ethnicity: Swedish, one eighth Italian, as well as small amounts of Belgian Flemish, Danish, Dutch, and German [including Baltic German]

Niclas Wahlgren is a Swedish actor.

He is the son of actors Christina Schollin and Hans Wahlgren.

Niclas has a son with his former partner Mia Bodén; and a son with his former wife, singer and songwriter Laila Bagge Wahlgren.

Niclas’ younger siblings are singer and actress Pernilla Wahlgren and actor Linus Wahlgren. Pernilla is the mother of DJ, music producer, and actor Oliver Ingrosso, singer Bianca Wahlgren Ingrosso, and singer and songwriter Benjamin Ingrosso.

Niclas’ patrilineal ancestry can be traced to his fourth great-grandfather, Petter “Per” Börjesson Wahlgren (23 February 1752, Perstorp, Skåne – 20 April 1823, Misterhult, Kalmar).

Niclas’ paternal grandfather was actor Ivar Hugo Wahlgren (the son of Carl August Wahlgren and Anna Amalia Mellgren). Ivar was born in Värmdö. Carl was the son of Anders Magnus Wahlgren and Anna Maria Josefina Loenbom. Niclas’s great-grandmother Anna was the daughter of Johan August Mellgren and Hulda Christina Lovisa Hansson.

Niclas’ paternal grandmother was actress Nina Hanna Mariana Scenna (the daughter of Gustavo Scenna and Elin Ingrid Charlotta Andersson). Nina was born in Göteborg, Masthugg, Västergötland. Gustavo was an Italian emigrant, from L’Aquila, L’Aquila, and was the son of Vincenzo Scenna and Marianna Mapei. Elin was the daughter of Johan Gustaf Andersson and Eva Charlotta Petersson.

Niclas’ maternal grandfather was Gustaf Henrik Schollin (the son of Ernst Henrik Schollin and Cecilia Louise Liljedahl). Gustaf was born in Karlskrona, Blekinge län. Ernst was the son of Nils Henrik Schollin and Hilda Liljedahl. Cecilia was the daughter of Johan Theodor Liljedahl and Carolina Nilsson.

Niclas’ maternal grandmother was Henny Elisabet Högfors (the daughter of Jacob Fredrik Högfors and Alma Elisabeth Sophia Wahlström). Henny was born in Tegelsmora, C, Upl. Jacob was the son of Hans Hansson Högfors and Anna Jönsdotter. Alma was the daughter of Nils Fredrik Wahlström and Annette Adelaide von Schéele.

Niclas’ matrilineal ancestry can be traced back to his ninth great-grandmother, Elisabeth Standoph.

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