Moira Dela Torre

Birth Name: Moira Rachelle Bustamante Dela Torre

Place of Birth: Olongapo City, Zambales, Philippines

Date of Birth: November 4, 1993

Ethnicity: Filipino [including Sambal]

Moira Dela Torre is a Filipino singer and songwriter.

She is the daughter of Johnson Dela Torre and Raquel Bustamante. Moira is married to musician Jason Marvin Hernandez.

Moira’s maternal grandfather is Roberto “Bobby” Paguio Bustamante (the son of Carlos Mangalindan Bustamante, Sr. and Herminia Balbuena Paguio). Carlos was the son of Ruperto Bustamante and Brígida Mangalindan. Herminia was the daughter of Valentin Sulangi Paguio and Leonora Advincula Balbuena.

Moira’s maternal grandmother is named Lucy.

Source: Genealogy of Moira Dela Torre –

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