Matthew Fox

Birth Name: Matthew Chandler Fox

Place of Birth: Abington, Pennsylvania, U.S.

Date of Birth: July 14, 1966

Ethnicity: Italian (maternal grandfather), English, along with Irish, and more distant Scottish and Swedish

Matthew Fox is an American actor. He is known for playing Charlie Salinger on Party of Five and Dr. Jack Shephard on Lost, and co-starring in the film Speed Racer, and for many other screen roles.

Matthew is the son of Loretta and Francis Fox. His father is of mostly English ancestry, with more distant Swedish (from an ancestor named Anna Kock) and Scottish (from his McCuen line) roots. Matthew’s maternal grandfather was of Italian descent, and Matthew’s maternal grandmother had English and Irish ancestry. During his childhood, his family moved to Crowheart, Wyoming, living on the Wind River Indian Reservation. His family raised longhorn cattle and horses, and grew barley for Coors beer.

Matthew is married to Margherita Ronchi, with whom he has two children. Margherita is Italian.

Matthew’s paternal grandfather was Charles Pemberton Fox (the son of Charles Pemberton Fox and Mary Large). Matthew’s grandfather Charles was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Matthew’s great-grandfather Charles was the son of George Fox and Sarah Downing Valentine. Mary was the daughter of John Baldwin Large and Sarah Wise Meade. Sarah’s father was George Meade, a U.S. Army officer and civil engineer, who decisively defeated Confederate, Robert E. Lee at the Battle of Gettysburg in the American Civil War. George was born in Cádiz, Spain, to American parents, Margaret Coats Butler and merchant and art collector Richard Worsam Meade I. George was nicknamed “Old Snapping Turtle.”

Matthew’s paternal grandmother was Marion Allison Galey (the daughter of Frank Holt Galey and Marion Allison Chandler). Matthew’s grandmother Marion was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Frank was the son of William Thomas Galey and Sarah E. Holt. Matthew’s great-grandmother Marion was the daughter of Frederick Taylor Chandler and Harriet M. Andrews.

Matthew’s maternal grandfather was Leonard J. Eagono (the son of Loreto Joseph Iacono/Iacone/Eagono and Restitutta “Esther” Migliacchio/Migliaccio). Leonard was born in Pennsylvania, to Italian parents. His family was from Panza, Isle of Ischia, Province of Naples, Campania. Loreto was the son of Leonardo Iacono and Maria Giovannina Filomena “Jennie” Guarriciano, whose own parents were Mattia Guarracino and Maria Rosa Polito.

Matthew’s maternal grandmother was Bernice Christina Hostelley (the daughter of William S. L./Henry Hostelley and Mabel E. Gillan). Bernice was born in Pennsylvania. William was born in Michigan, to a father from England, John Hostelley/Hostley, and to a mother from Ireland, Margaret. Mabel was born in Pennsylvania, to a father who was born in Pennsylvania and a mother who was born in New York.

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Curious about ethnicity

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  1. andrew says:

    * Leonard J. Eagono (originally Iacono) family was from Panza, Isle of Ischia, Province of Naples, Campania, Italy.
    * Maria Giovannina Filomena “Jennie” Guarriciano was the daughter of Mattia Guarracino and Maria Rosa Polito.

    According to Jimmy Kimmel (whose mother’s maiden name is Iacono), him and Matthew are possibly related:

  2. billErobreren says:

    He reminds me of Bruce Campbell. I thought he’d be at least a quarter Scottish

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