Kenji Fujimori

Birth Name: Kenji Gerardo Fujimori Higuchi

Place of Birth: Lima, Peru

Date of Birth: 19 May, 1980

Ethnicity: Japanese

Kenji Fujimori is a Peruvian businessperson and politician. He was a Member of Congress, from 26 July, 2011 to 6 June, 2018.

His father, Alberto Fujimori, was President of Peru, from 28 July, 1990 to 22 November, 2000. His mother was politician and engineer Susana Shizuko Higuchi Miyagawa, who was a Member of Congress, from 2000 to 2001, and again, from 2001 to 2006. His uncle is lawyer, politician, and congressman Santiago Fujimori.

Kenji’s older sister is politician Keiko Fujimori. Kenji is married to Ericka Muñoz Regis.

Kenji’s paternal grandfather was named Naoichi Minami (later Fujimori). Naoichi was adopted by Kintaro Fujimori. He was from Kumamoto.

Kenji’s paternal grandmother was named Mutsue Inomoto (later Fujimori, the daughter of an unknown father, and of Toki Inomoto). Mutsue was from Kumamoto.

Kenji’s maternal grandfather was named José Higuchi.

Kenji’s maternal grandmother was named María Miyagawa.

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