Francine Prieto

Birth Name: Anna Marie Jensen

Place of Birth: Las Piñas, Philippines

Date of Birth: September 17, 1981

*father – Norwegian
*mother – Filipino, Chinese

Francine Prieto is a Filipina actress, fashion model, radio DJ, and singer. She has been dubbed the “Sensuality Queen.” She is 6′1″.

Her biological father, Jarl Marton Jensen, was Norwegian, from Sandnes. Her mother, Amelia Sio, was Filipina, of Chinese descent. She was adopted by her stepfather, Charles Poon Falcon. She is married to American molecular biologist Frank Shotkoski.

Francine’s paternal grandfather was Jørgen Emil Jensen (the son of Olav Emil Martinius Jensen and Berthe Helene Bertine Jakobsen). Jørgen was born in Oslo, Norway. Olav was the son of Jørgen Jensen and Valborg Emilie Hansen. Bertha was the daughter of Bernt Mathias Jakobsen and Ingeborg Jørgensdatter Lie.

Francine’s paternal grandmother was Olga Marie Sagland (the daughter of Otto Berginius Tønnesson Sagland and Inga Gurine Gabrielsdatter Stangeland). Olga was born in Sandnes, Norway. Otto was the son of Tønnes Olson Sagland and Olene Marie Berntsen. Inga was the daughter of Gabriel Ivarson Foren and Ingeborg Kristine Gjermundsdatter Norheim.

Source: Genealogy of Francine Prieto (focusing on her father’s side) –

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