David Gandy

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Gandy in 2011, photo by Prphotos.com

Birth Name: David James Gandy

Place of Birth: Billericay, Essex, England, U.K.

Date of Birth: 19 February, 1980

Ethnicity: English, some Scottish

David Gandy is a British fashion model.

He is the son of Brenda (Rabey) and Christopher Gandy. He grew up in Essex, in a working-class family. For several years, David was the lead male model for Italian designers Dolce & Gabbana, who featured him in their campaigns and fashion shows. David has a daughter with his partner, barrister Stephanie Mendoros.

He has stated:

People are always surprised when I speak. They can’t believe I am a born-and-bred Essex boy… Everyone asks me if there is Mediterranean in my blood — but my mum’s ancestors are Scottish and my dad is from East London.

David’s paternal grandfather is surnamed Gandy.

David’s paternal grandmother is surnamed Lewis.

David’s maternal grandfather is named James A. Rabey.

David’s maternal grandmother is Doreen Winifred Bruce (the daughter of Thomas F. Bruce and Dorothy Esther Grover). Doreen was born in Paddington, London, England. Dorothy was the daughter of Charles Grover and Lucy Valentine.

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  1. Kimmel says:

    England doesn’t make beautiful creatures like this. He has something else in him, and the mother’s maiden name is the clue.

  2. caligurl2 says:

    How is he just English and Scottish if his mother has the name Rabey? It’s Jewish.

  3. gel says:

    Obviously got the Irish look via the Scottish Highlands, dark hair, blue eyes – though he’s got more of a mediterranean look!

    • ses101 says:

      Irish looks via the Scottish Highlands? What do you mean? People from the Scottish Highlands generally look Scottish. The people in Scotland who look Irish are generally the people of Irish descent who mainly live in the West of Scotland.

      • gel says:

        “Scot” is the old name for the Irish.
        The “Scottish”(who appropriated the name) used to call the gaelic people of the highlands and islands “Irish”.

    • pedro_henrique says:

      most britons have brown hair

  4. Girll says:

    I could see why people would think he is Mediterranean(Italian looking) He has that strong jawline, black hair and prominent nose.

    If you are saying he is too different to be compared to this Italian model there is obviously a huge bias coming into play.

  5. ashash says:

    He looks British to me. Italians are short, dark, and hairy.

    • follers says:

      You mean like Napoleon Bonaparte?

    • Tux says:

      David Gandy is darker than most Italians in central or north Italy as he is with Spanish however he looks more Italian than he does British. Even his own kin says that about him.

      I don’t know why you’re calling Italians short. Britain is only 177cm in height the shortest country in northern europe. Since when did the British become Dutch? they aren’t. Spain is actually taller than the UK as is most southern countries. Italy exluding Sicily are just about as tall as the British. Most Italian immigrants in Britain are comparable in height to Britons.

      You’re delusional if you think David Gandy looks british. That or you haven’t been to Britain. Most are extremely pale and fair. Gandy has olive skin, olive skin is not a northern european trait.

      • mony says:

        Too many stereotypes about sicilians too! I know very blonde and tall sicilians that you would be surprised!

      • andrew says:

        @ tux

        I dont believe the average height in Spain is higher than in UK. Tallest European people are in the Balkans, and in the Netherlands among Northern Europeans. Southern Europeans are taller than 50 years ago but on average still slightly shorter than Germanic countries

        • Tux says:

          UK 177cm
          Spain 178cm

          and Italy including Sicily is 176cm

          So I don’t see why people are all ‘heightist” when concerning the British. They aren’t known for being tall by anyone in Europe. Slavic immigrants as well as Latin immigrants and African immigrants are just as tall and taller than native British people here in London.


          • andrew says:

            I am dubious Spaniards are SIX cm taller on average than their neighbours Portuguese. Wikipedia gives data from 174 to 178cm. 178 is definitely too much

          • Tux says:

            Spain doesn’t have a measured statistic on wiki. All 3 of the reported averages of Spain on wiki are self reported and one of the self reported averages puts them at 1.77cm. This heightism seems to be based around old stereotypes of Germanic and Mediterranean people.

            However people forget that so called mediteranean countries or only in part Mediterranean. Only southern Italians and Sardianians are what can be called mediterranean. Just because someone is from a latin country doesn’t make them instantly mediterranean. Old terms like med or germanic really need to stop being used because they no longer apply to modern Europe. The British are what can be called “germanic” to begin with. Most aren’t descended from Anglo saxons and the Vikings had little genetic influence on Britain. If you’re more curious about groups in Europe there’s anthropology sites that post hundreds of photos of different groups. The British clearly look distinct from Nordics and Germans. British people look more Northern French than they do Scandinavian.

          • andrew says:

            thank you but I live in Europe not US or elsewhere and I know how Europeans look. Spaniards are def. a mainly Mediterranean looking people as S. Italians and Greeks, and I dont buy they’re taller than French and Brits.

          • caligurl2 says:

            Irony in the British being taller is that they were actually one of the shortest teams in the world cup. Germany, Greece, Korea, some latin countries like France and even Brazil were taller than the English team haha

          • Tux says:

            The French are also partially mediterraneans ( I am French and we do not want to be associated with Germany or Britain). So idunno why northern euros keep trying to make us northern europeans. Which is pretty hilarious considering they trash us the most along with anglos from America. We still see ourselves as closer to other Latin nations culturally, historically and genetically.

            The only northern country we have some overlap with is Britain and that’s because they have had genetic influence from us. France has been the United states of Europe for hundreds of years. Gauls, Italics, Iberians, Greeks have all been in France. The only portion of France that looks comparable with Britain is Normandy/Brittany. Spaniards are far lighter than Sicilians or Greeks btw. On genetic maps Spaniards cluster most with North Italians and southern French. South Italians are distant to Spaniards.

          • andrew says:

            national football teams of England or France are not representative being full of foreigners

          • caligurl2 says:

            northern europeans consider us a part of them only when they want to take claim to our contributions. Same way nordicist try to take credit for Rome and ancient Greece. France, Spain and Italy were the cultural hotspots of Europe with Greece. Almost everything about western civilization, laws, classical music originated with Hellenic peoples and latins opera, orchestra all that stuff goes back to Italy and they know this all too well. We become ‘non whites” when they want to insult us but suddenly we become white when they want to use our civilizations and contributions in arguements against black or arab people hahaha.

            on the foreigners comment the blacks were actually the tallest people in the english team. Roony and the other white brits were the shorter ones. besides the non whites weren’t even foreigners they were full blown citizens of England. its time to stop thinking of a country like england as only white. its not the 1700s england is diverse now. which is pretty ironic because people always talk about southerners not being white but in the present nations like England are less white than countries like spain or italy simply because these days their cities and towns are filled with pakistanis, africans and indians and they’re mixing at an incredibly high rate. london has the highest percentage of race mixing in europe.

          • Tux says:

            No offense but your own opinion doesn’t substitute for facts. Germans and Scandinavians are all around 180cm Britain much like France and other latin countries around 177cm. So if the Latins are short than the British should be considered short too as they are as tall as Latins and shorter than other northern populations. Infact most central europeans like Austrians or Czechs are taller than the British as well, period.

            As for the whole short team debate. I just looked up the statistics for the players. The Caucasian British players were shorter than the Greek, Brazilian, and German players too. So it can’t be blamed on minorities. Those people weren’t foreigners though. I looked up their nationality and it says born in Britain. UK is a multicultural region today just like France is. Both are modeling themselves like the United States.

          • andrew says:

            @ tux

            Spaniards are not “far lighter” than Sicilians or Greeks. Also Spaniards have regional differences, pigmentation in Basque Country and Catalonia is lighter than in other Spanish regions.

      • caligurl2 says:

        Here is measured studies on height throughout Europe. Idunno where this stereotype came from that the British are tall, but they’re not. Most Europeans consider them short, France actually is taller than Britain. So if Italians are short, so are the British lol


        • ses101 says:

          You seem to have an avid hatred of all things British, and some of your facts are WAY out. Oh, and we are taller than the Spanish, Italians, and French. Just google it.

    • Blackbuddafly says:

      I would have mistaked him as Italian myself. Most British male models are ugly as shit. really pasty with pink rodent skin.

    • caligurl2 says:

      Ashash you just sound jealous of italians to be perfectly honest. Nevertheless your women don’t seem to share the opinion on Italians you have. Italy is the number one destination in Europe for female sex tourist. Those British girls of yours stay on Italian beaches desperately trying to pick up Italian men. They’ve been doing as so since the 1800s. As did Germans and Scandinavians.



      • Tux says:

        Interesting. Never knew it went that far back. I guess that explains why there is a record number of northern european elitist on this site talking crap about Italians and other groups of the world who aren’t northern because in the real world what is ideal is very different from what they’d have us believe.

        • caligurl2 says:

          Yuppers ^__^ both of the models with the highest amount of followers on instagram are both Latin. Nick Bateman who is French Canadian and Mariano Di Vaio who is Italian. I can’t find a single ‘Anglo saxon” or “nordic god” with as many followers as they have. So the nazis can keep on bragging about how pale or blonde they are. Those features are only ideal on women.

          I myself can’t stand blonde men. Most of the northern european guys im attracted to have darker hair. Have you seen the German football team? they look pretty bad standing next to Spains or Italy. Best looking guy in the German team is Hummels who doesn’t look really German at all.

          • follers says:

            Nick Bateman’s full name is Nicholas Kevin Stanley Yunge-Bateman. I suppose he could have French-Canadian ancestry, but his name is very British.

          • caligurl2 says:

            Names mean little in the new world. Most people change them to fit in with anglo population. People still do that today especially the people in spotlight. Yunge is of French origin however. I’m from Canada i’m around British canadians daily. None look like Bateman. He is mediterranean.

          • Tux says:

            @ Califgurl2

            Romans conquered Britain and so did the French. The english language having so much latin and French influence is testament to that.

            Some British people can be mediterranean stock. They aren’t the majority sure but it can happen. Gandy definately is one. He certainly isn’t germanic origin. Anthropologist would classify him as Dinaro-CM and Atlanto-Med which is most common in mediterranean and balkan countries. Most British people are borrebies, keltic-nordids, brunns etc. Nick is from Ontario. High population of French and Italians there. Chances are he’s some sort of British/French possibly even Italian mix. I admit he wouldn’t look off in France. Looks a little dark even by British standards tbh. Even with dark hair a lot of dark Brits still have pink undertones. Nick looks to have an olive complexion. Which can still happen in Britain, though rare.

          • andrew says:

            Nick Bateman looks Greek with that beard

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