Courtney Halverson

Birth Name: Courtney Devon Halverson

Place of Birth: Orange, California, United States

Date of Birth: June 14, 1989

Ethnicity: Polish (maternal grandfather), German, 1/8 Norwegian, 1/16th Danish, some English

Courtney Halverson is an American actress.

Courtney is the daughter of Barbara and Kevin Halverson.

Courtney’s paternal grandfather was Marvyn/Marvin C. Halverson (the son of Clarence Frederic “Bun” Halverson and Isola Naomi Durr). Marvyn was born in Iowa. Clarence was born in Iowa, the son of Julius H. Halverson/Halvorson, whose parents were Norwegian, and of Karoline Sofie Olsen, whose parents were Norwegian. Isola was born in Iowa, the daughter of Charles George Durr, whose parents were German, and of Phoebe Jane Chappell.

Courtney’s paternal grandmother was named Karen Ann Nidey (who likely was the daughter of Floyd Renwick Nidey and Hazel Pearl Lampley). Karen was born in Iowa. Floyd was born in Illinois, the son of John Nidey and Bertha Dale Hoskinson. Hazel was born in Illinois.

Courtney’s maternal grandfather was Edwin Theodore Buska (the son of John Louis Buska and Clara D. Czech/Cziech/Check). Edwin was born in Wisconsin. John was born in Wisconsin, to Polish parents from Prussia, Frank Buska and Veronika/Verona Karpinski. Clara was born in Wisconsin, the daughter of Johann Marinem Czech, who was born in Prussia and was of Polish descent, and of Johanna Dalman, whose parents were born in Prussia and were of Polish descent.

Courtney’s maternal grandmother was Maxine Carol Fahl (the daughter of Edward William Fahl and Mae/May Marie Rasmussen/Rassmussen). Maxine was born in Wisconsin. Courtney’s great-grandfather Edward was born in Wisconsin, the son of Edward F. Fahl, whose parents were German, and of Frances/Francis Nimiz, who was born in Germany. Mae was born in Wisconsin, the daughter of Peter Rasmussen/Rassmussen, who was born in Maribo, Denmark, and of Margaret Wolf/Wolfe, whose parents were German.

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