Allie DeBerry

Birth Name: Alexandra Danielle DeBerry

Place of Birth: Kingwood, Harris, Texas, U.S.

Date of Birth: October 26, 1994

Ethnicity: Czech/Bohemian (paternal grandmother), English, possibly other

Allie DeBerry is an American actress and singer.

Allie is the daughter of Cindy Kay (Haley) and William Thomas DeBerry III.

Allie’s paternal grandfather was William Thomas DeBerry II (the son of William Thomas DeBerry and Elois Mary Sheppard).

Allie’s paternal grandmother was Barbara/Barbra Ann Turek (the daughter of Otto Turek and Bessie Darilek). Otto was the son of Albert B. Turek, who was born in Austria, likely of Czech descent, and of Emilie Kosarek, who was born in Texas, to parents from Austria, also possibly of Czech descent. Bessie was the daughter of John A. Darilek and Agnes Machart, who were born in Texas, to parents from Bohemia/Czechoslovakia.

Allie’s maternal grandfather was Archie Hugh Haley (the son of Ceaphus Christopher Haley and Gladys Cooper).

Allie’s maternal grandmother was Sallie/Sally Jo Ann Crawford.

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