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16th Annual NBS Scholarship Gala NBA Scholarship Dinner - Jerry Lewis Receives the Nevada Broadcasters' Association Lifetime Achievement Award

Lewis in 2011, photo by Prphotos

Birth Name: Jerome/Joseph Levitch

Date of Birth: March 16, 1926

Place of Birth: Newark, New Jersey, U.S.

Date of Death: August 20, 2017

Place of Death: Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish

Jerry Lewis was an American actor, comedian, singer, writer, director, producer, and humanitarian. He was part of the comedy duo Martin and Lewis, with Dean Martin. He was nicknamed “The King of Comedy.”

His parents, entertainers Rachel “Ray” (Brodsky) and Daniel Levitch, were both from Jewish families (from Poland and Russia). His father was born in New York. His mother was born in Russia, and moved to the U.S. around 1904.

Jerry was married to ballerina and stewardess SanDee Pitnick, until his death. He had six children with his former wife, singer Patti Palmer (born Esther Grace Calonico); and a daughter with SanDee. Among his children with Patti is musician Gary Lewis.

Jerry’s paternal grandfather was named Morris Levitch. Morris was a Jewish emigrant, from either Poland or Russia, depending on the census.

Jerry’s paternal grandmother was named Hannah Werstein (the daughter of Yitzchak/Yitzhak Leib “Isaac” Werstein and Lena). Hannah was a Russian Jewish immigrant. Yitzchak was the son of Lazarus Werstein and Leah Rose Theintj.

Jerry’s maternal grandfather was named Jonah/Joseph/Josef Brodsky (the son of Baruch Tzvi). Jonah was a Russian Jewish immigrant.

Jerry’s maternal grandmother was named Sarah Kaufman (the daughter of Abraham Kaufman). Sarah was a Russian Jewish immigrant. Sarah was born in Mazowieckie.

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  1. fuzzybear44 says:

    honestly, I had no idea he was still alive. However R.I.P

  2. Alexa Blumenstock says:

    Correction: Jerry’s father was named “Daniel,” not “Jerome.” Some of the census record claim that Jerry’s original name was Jerome instead of Joseph, though.

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