Jack Stauber

Place of Birth: McKean, Pennsylvania, U.S.

Date of Birth: April 6, 1996

Ethnicity: Polish, one quarter Lithuanian, German

Jack Stauber is an American musician, animator, and internet personality. He creates animated music videos, popular on the internet, which have used live-action, in VHS-style; stop motion, and computer animation. He has released four albums. His most known songs are “Buttercup” and “Oh Klahoma,” which have hundreds of millions of listens on Spotify. He also uses the name Jack Stauber’s Micropop.

Jack’s paternal grandfather was Marian Anthony “Tony” Stauber (the son of Edward Stauber and Elizabeth Wrazidwo). Marian was born in Kattowitz, Slaskie, Poland.

Jack’s paternal grandmother was Irene Regina Bagdonas (the daughter of Vincas/Vincent “Vince” Bagdonas and Helen Schaudinaitis). Irene was born in Germany, to Lithuanian parents. Vincas was the son of Kazys/Casmir Bagdonas and Apolonija/Apollonia Butkaite.

Jack’s maternal grandfather was Edward Francis Nientimp (the son of Edward George Nientimp and Mary Rose “Ruth” Volk). Jack’s grandfather Edward was born in Erie, Erie County, Pennsylvania, and had German ancestry. Jack’s great-grandfather Edward was the son of George Nientimp and Ida Mentz. Ruth is the daughter of Frank Volk and Barbara Scheloske.

Jack’s maternal grandmother is the daughter of Edward A. Gapska Szymanowski and Mary J. Orzechowski. Edward was born in Pennsylvania, the son of Polish parents, Wladyslaus/Walter Szymanowski and Agnes Gapska/Gapski. Mary was also born in Pennsylvania, also to Polish parents, Stanislaus/Stanislaw/Stanley Orzechowski and Rozalia/Rose Schubert.

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    Is it ok if we don’t mention the Maternal Grandmother by name? I want Jack to have as much privacy as possible and she is still alive.

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