Stefanía Fernández


Stefanía Fernández

Birth Name: Stefanía Fernández Krupij

Place of Birth: Mérida, Mérida, Venezuela

Date of Birth: September 4, 1990

*Galician Spanish (father)
*Russian, Ukrainian, Polish (mother)

Stefanía Fernández is a Venezuelan television host, model, and beauty queen. She was Miss Venezuela 2008 and Miss Universe 2009.

Stefanía is the daughter of Nadia Vira Krupij Holojad and José Luis Fernández Acuña. Her father is of Galician Spanish descent. Her paternal grandparents moved from Nigrán, Galicia, to Venezuela, to escape the Francisco Franco dictatorship. Her mother has Russian, Ukrainian, and Polish ancestry.

Stefanía has a son with her partner, professional baseball player Ender Inciarte.

Stefanía’s paternal grandfather is named Emilio Fernández.

Stefanía’s paternal grandmother is named Celia Acuña Costas.

Stefanía’s maternal grandfather was Yevhen Krupij (or Eugenio Krupij Dictiac in Spanish). Yevhen was a Ukrainian, who fled the Soviet Union, to escape the Communist rule.

Stefanía’s maternal grandmother is named Zenowia Holojad. Zenowia is Polish.

A picture of Stefanía’s maternal grandparents can be seen here.


Obituary of Stefanía’s paternal grandmother, Celia Acuña Costas –

Baptismal record of Stefanía’s mother –


Curious about ethnicity

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  1. Anya says:

    Guys her Galician side is not Galicia Poland/Ukraine it’s Galicia, Spain… the reason for the similarities in names is because they were both colonized by the Celts ages ago

  2. basquegalician says:

    i see in her more Galician appearance (from NW Spain) than eastern european, but she is too tanned to be a northern spanish woman…

  3. ethnic says:

    very exotic 5 stars!

  4. drexxx says:

    omg I didn’t finish my comment; I wanted to say there is a large community of polish people in france but unfortunately i don’t have polish friends, i have some half polish firends but not fully polish lol

  5. drexxx says:

    yeah this is very interesting !!!!!!! i didn’t know so much about galicia and poland, yet there is a largeexcept the fact that your president just died !!! so sad !!!
    But like i said before, galicia is also a state in spain, so i wonder if she could have spanish (or spaniard idk) ancestry

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