Dino Ciccarelli

Birth Name: Dino L. Ciccarelli

Place of Birth: Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

Date of Birth: February 8, 1960

Ethnicity: Italian

Dino Ciccarelli is a Canadian professional ice hockey player. He was a National Hockey League right winger, who played 19 professional seasons, most with the Minnesota North Star, and the Detroit Red Wings. He is a Hockey Hall of Fame inductee, who has 1200 points in his career.

Dino is the son of Jane and Salvatore Ciccarelli.

Dino’s paternal grandfather was named Carmen Ciccarelli. Carmen was born in Pennsylvania.

Dino’s paternal grandmother was named Rose. Rose was born in Pennsylvania.

Dino’s maternal grandfather was Lucio Scaramucci (the son of Dominik Scaramucci and Josephine Farina). Lucio was Italian.

Dino’s maternal grandmother was Agnes Rastelli (the daughter of Francesco Rastelli and Felicita Gaspari). Agnes’s parents were born in Marche, Italy.

Source: Obituary of Dino’s father – https://www.findagrave.com

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