Zachary Levi

Levi in 2012, photo by PR photos

Birth Name: Zachary Levi Pugh

Place of Birth: Lake Charles, Louisiana, U.S.

Date of Birth: September 29, 1980

Ethnicity: English, French, German, Irish, Welsh, Scottish, Northern Irish, Swiss, remote Dutch

Zachary Levi is an American actor, director, and singer. He plays Shazam! in the DC Cinematic Universe.

Zachary was born Zachary Levi Pugh, and is the son of Susan Marie (Hoctor) and Darrell Pugh. His birth name is pronounced pew. He has English, French, German, Irish, Welsh, Scottish, Northern Irish, Swiss [Swiss-French and Swiss-German], and remote Dutch, ancestry. Several of his family lines go back to Colonial America.

While Zachary was born in Louisiana, he has no family ancestry in the state. He was raised in Ventura, California. His father is from Minnesota and his mother was raised in California.

Zachary is sometimes incorrectly believed to be Jewish, because of his middle name, taken as his stage surname. He is not of Jewish heritage or religion, and is a devout Christian.

Zachary’s patrilineal line evidently traces back to Francois De Puy, a Huguenot from Calais, France, and to his Dutch wife, Geertje Willemse Van Boerum, who was from Amsterdam.

Zachary’s paternal grandfather was Alton Lester Pugh (the son of Herman Lester Pugh and Delila Mae Lovin, whose family’s surname was originally Loving). Alton was born in Kansas. Herman was the son of Martin Shaner Pugh and Louisa/Louis Jane Clason. Delila was the daughter of Robert Lee Lovin and Mary Ellen Montgomery.

Zachary’s paternal grandmother was Alice Maureen Repp (the daughter of Harry Orris Repp and Merle Marie Carruth). Alice was born in Wisconsin. Harry was the son of Jacob Orris/Oris Repp and Lucy Ann Thurber. Merle’s father was Wallace Bradley Carruth, whose father was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and whose mother was born in Ontario, Canada, to English parents. Merle’s mother was Elizabeth Evangeline “Lizzie” Bucher, whose parents, Heinrich Caspar “Henry” Bucher and Mary Ann Welchle, were Swiss.

Zachary’s maternal grandfather was Arthur Edward Hoctor, Jr. (the son of Arthur Edward Hoctor and Louise F./P. Labadie). Zachary’s grandfather Arthur was born in Ohio. Zachary’s great-grandfather Arthur was the son of Thomas Francis Hoctor, who was born in New York, to parents from Tipperary, Ireland, and of Mary Minnie A. McDonald, whose father and maternal grandparents were Irish. Louise was born in Ohio, the daughter of John Labadie, who was French, and of Alice Amelia Flory, who was born in Ohio, to French parents.

Zachary’s maternal grandmother was Patricia Lee Jones (the daughter of John Ralph Jones and Juliet Louise Schenck). Patricia was born in Missouri. John was the son of Lewis R. Jones, whose father was Welsh and whose mother was German, and of Anna/Annie Coughey, whose parents were Irish. Juliet was the daughter of Henry B. Schenck and Minnie M. Kuehl, and her grandparents were all German.


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  1. jebclinton says:

    He looks like a middle eastern Jew from Israel, has a Jewish first name and last name. I mean you can’t be any more Jewish than that.

    • RadDaddy says:

      Many “middle eastern Jews” are heavily admixed Ashkenazi Jews and they have common European phenotypes.
      Old testament names like Zechariah and their variants are commonly used by gentiles.
      Was Abraham Lincoln Jewish?
      Levi isn’t his birth surname, Pugh is…
      Everything about your post is ignorant or factually retarded.

      Welsh language
      Spoken language
      Last name: Pugh. This name is of medieval Welsh origin, and is a Welsh patronymic form of the personal name “Hugh”, originally written as “ap Hugh”, as in the first recording below, where “ap” means “son of”, and over the years has been reduced and contracted to form “Pugh”, with the variants “Pughe” or “Pew”.
      Surname Database: Pugh Last Name Origin

  2. alexgxo says:

    I thought he was a quadroon or octaroon. Then I found out he was born in Louisiana and assumed he was part creole (French/black). Then i assumed he was Jewish too.. Wrong on both counts!

  3. Kimmel says:

    This’ll teach me to make assumptions based on names alone.

  4. Ethereal says:

    Jewish surname. But no Jewish ancestry?

  5. Gurrl says:

    Levi is his middle name taken as his stage name. He has zero Jewish ancestry and he’s a Christian.
    According to this site which is an expert of everything Jewish the reason why he took on Levi as his last name was because
    “…his agent told him that with the last name Pugh (pronounced “Pew”), he won’t go far in Hollywood.” lol

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