Zach Villa

Villa in 2019, photo by kathclick/

Place of Birth: Clinton, Iowa, U.S.

Date of Birth: March 17, 1987

*father – Mexican
*mother – German, Danish, English, Irish

Zach Villa is an American actor, singer, songwriter, dancer, and musician. His roles include the films Honeyglue, Cardboard Boxer, Good Mourning, and Vengeance (2022), and the shows Bordertown and American Horror Story. He is lead vocalist and guitarist in the band Sorry Kyle.

Zach’s paternal grandfather was Manuel Villa (the son of Arcadio/Acradio Villa and Petra Dominguez). Manuel was born in Colorado, to parents from Mexico.

Zach’s paternal grandmother was Antonia Manzano (the daughter of Jubencio/Fudencio Manzano and Maria Hernandez). Antonia was born in Silao, Mexico.

Zach’s maternal grandfather was L. D. Eddie Enwright (the son of Eddie George Enwright and Henrietta Alfreda Wilke). Zach’s grandfather L. D. Eddie was born in Iowa. Zach’s great-grandfather Eddie George was born in Iowa, the son of George Enwright and Francis Ann Kinkaid. Henrietta was born in Iowa, to parents from Germany, William F. Wilke and Johanna Dora “Hannah” Brandenburg.

Zach’s maternal grandmother was Marian Lois Niebuhr (the daughter of Herman Gustave Niebuhr and Bernice Marie Danielsen). Marian was born in Iowa. Herman was born in Iowa, to parents from Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, Jacob Wilhelm Niebuhr and Anna Julian Matilda Thomsen. Bernice was born in Iowa, the daughter of John D. Danielsen and Clara Marie Fredericksen/Frederickson, who likely were of Danish ancestry.

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