Vince Vaughn

Vaughn in 2011, Joe Seer /

Birth Name: Vincent Anthony Vaughn

Place of Birth: Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota, United States

Date of Birth: March 28, 1970

*25% Lebanese
*25% Italian
*50% mix of English, Irish, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, Scottish, German, along with distant Swiss-French and Dutch

Vince Vaughn is an American actor, comedian, screenwriter, producer, and activist. His films include Swingers, Old School, Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, and Wedding Crashers, among many others.

Vince’s father, Vernon Lindsay Vaughn, a salesman, was born in Ohio. Vince’s paternal grandfather had English, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, Scottish, as well as distant German, Swiss-French, and Dutch, ancestry. Vince’s paternal grandmother was of Lebanese descent.

Vince’s mother, Sharon Eileen (DePalmo), a real estate agent and stockbroker, was born in Brantford, Ontario, Canada, and was raised in Newark, Ohio. Vince’s maternal grandfather was of Italian descent. Vince’s maternal grandmother, who was from Ohio, had English, Irish, and German ancestry. Vince was raised in Lake Forest, Illinois.

Vince is married to Canadian realtor Kyla Weber, with whom he has two children.

Vince’s paternal grandfather was Daniel Richard Vaughn (the son of Vernon Leonidas Vaughn and Rebecca Jane Larison). Daniel was born in California. Vernon was born in Kentucky, to Kentucky-born parents, John William Vaughn and Ann/Anna Eliza Stewart. Rebecca was also born in Kentucky, to Kentucky-born parents, Martin Larison and Alwida Sparks.

Vince’s paternal grandmother was Rose Marie Saba (the daughter of James Moses Saba and Mary Jacob Bettros). Rose was born in Ohio. James was Lebanese, from Innabet, Mount Lebanon, and was the son of Moses Saba and Anni Nasef/Jeunk. Vince’s great-grandmother Mary Jacob was also Lebanese, and was the daughter of Jacob Bettros and Rosa George.

Vince’s maternal grandfather was named Georgio Phillip “George” DePalmo. Georgio was of Italian origin.

Vince’s maternal grandmother was Jeanette Eileen Teal (the daughter of George Edgar Teal and Nell Marie Burch). Jeanette was born in Ohio. George was born in Ohio, to Ohio-born parents, William W. Teal and Mary Ellen Brannon. Nell was born in Kentucky, to an Ohio-born father, Wayne W. Burch, and a Kentucky-born mother, Lovina L. Daniels.

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Curious about ethnicity

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  1. justjustin says:

    Though I’m sure it’s pretty diluted, Vaughn or Vaughan is typically a Welsh surname.

  2. andrew says:

    You forgot his parents names: Vernon Lindsay Vaughn and Sharon Eileen DePalmo.

  3. ashash says:

    What does being of Lebanese descent have to do with his politics?

  4. shobohunter says:

    arab is not a race. he is Lebanese and I am glad..
    there are many white looking arab . they don’t encounter racism. unlike their Brown counterparts.

    • ashash says:

      They are only white-passing.

    • ashash says:

      What I meant to say is that Arab is a race.

    • Ryan says:

      He’s an Arab and Arab is a race…

    • lelo4 says:

      lebanese are not arabs

    • Henry Builder says:

      Bubba I’m sorry to brake it to you but everyone encounters RACISM in America, including white people.
      The US might actually be the racist capital of the world.
      Racism in America is on the left/right political spectrum. America is in a right vs left RACIAL WAR.
      Americans of color have to put up with racism from the american right wing
      But white people face a lot of racism from the american left. Especially white MEN!
      So you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    • Henry Builder says:

      A good example of racism against people of white color from the american left is left wing black journalist Don Lemon saying that white male immigrants should not be aloud to cross the american border anymore because they represent the biggest terror threat to America.
      Another —- example is the Fresno mass shooting by Kori Ali Muhammad, an african american.
      A wonderful developed nation with a ——- —- —– ——-.

      • muricansareallmutts says:

        Sorry 4 ya but “white” Americans are —– they’re not fully Euros but only a part they’re super mixed to other races that’s why they look so different to Europeans the real and only white. I’m a Euro living in the Old Continent and for me “white” Americans, Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders and Southern Africans are just a —– of frcking —— —– plenty of anger, —-, ——baggery, –tolerance and madness.
        The —– muricans are the “white” I meet the tourists and they’re the worst not the —–, then after the “white” the ——- are Hispanics and Asians.

      • muricansareallmutts says:

        Murica is the —— of the world along with —— ———. Murica is a —– world country passed off like a —–.

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