Vanessa Veasley

Birth Name:

Vanessa Veasley

Birth Place:

Philadelphia, US

What Race or Ethnicity?:

African American, Louisiana Creole, Irish, and Spanish

The American model was born in the Maine Line of Philadelphia. In an interview when asked about her nationality she said that she was the typical African American girl and that her father is Jamaican and her mother is mixed Louisiana Creole, Irish, and Spanish. The url to this interview can be found below.

She has been featured in music videos including Outkast, “International Players Anthem” and Ludacris, “Stand Up”. She was quoted saying

“I instantly fell in love with the hip-hop side of the modeling world. A place where curves and ethnic looks are celebrated.”



Curious about ethnicity

8 Responses

  1. Gigi says:

    Yeah she has to have some Asian in her. A lot of Jamaicans do. Chinese, or Japanese by looking at her nose and very round face. She also has the stereotypical Asian bucked bunny teeth. She’s girl next door but also unconventionally pretty.

  2. Monsteeer says:

    Always been a big Vanessa Veasley fan! You can see every part of that ethnic breakdown. Her build screams West Indies, and not being mean but she has a very Irish forehead. lol:) If you have her SHOWcase magazine issue you will also notice that eventhough she is very caramel, she has sexy freckles and redish-blonde bodyhair. I also would not be suprised if her Jamaican heritage had a lilttle Chinese in it as well. It is VERY common. I also love how if asked, she will break it down, but she descibes herself as “typical” or All-American. Very refreshing considering how many models use their ethnicity as a gimick or selling point these days.

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