Tyler Steelman

Birth Name: Tyler Craig Steelman

Place of Birth: Antioch, Contra Costa, California, United States

Date of Birth: August 10, 1990

Ethnicity: Croatian (maternal grandmother), English, German, small amount of Dutch

Tyler Steelman is an American actor.

Tyler’s paternal grandfather was Charles Henry Steelman (the son of Henry Steelman and Mabel D. Beckwith). Tyler’s great-grandfather Henry was the son of Franklin Circia Steelman and Lara J. Colvert.

Tyler’s paternal grandmother was named Sheila Marie.

Tyler’s maternal grandfather was Walter Orville Manteufel (the son of Walter Oscar Manteufel and Charlotte/Charlotta Catherine Hollingshead). Tyler’s grandfather Walter was born in Minnesota. Tyler’s great-grandfather Walter was the son of Henry Manteuffel, who was of German descent, and of Hedwig A. “Hetty” Henke, who was German. Charlotta was the daughter of James J. Hollingshead, who was Canadian, and of Altia Van Alen, who had Dutch and English ancestry.

Tyler’s maternal grandmother was Helen Mary Babich (the daughter of Michael B. Babich and Mary Kassa/Klenovic). Helen was born in Wisconsin, to (likely) Croatian parents.

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