Tyler Posey

Posey in 2011, image via Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

Birth Name: Tyler Garcia Posey

Place of Birth: Santa Monica, Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: October 18, 1991

*father – English, Scottish, Irish, German, distant French
*mother – Mexican

Tyler Posey is an American actor, musician, model, director, and producer. He is known for his roles on the television series Teen Wolf (in the lead), Smallville, Lincoln Heights, and Brothers & Sisters.

Tyler is the son of Cyndi (Garcia) and actor John Posey (John Sanford Posey). Tyler’s father has English, smaller amounts of Scottish, Irish, and German, and distant French, ancestry. Tyler’s mother was of Mexican descent. Tyler has played a Hispanic character several times.

Tyler’s paternal grandfather was William McCutcheon “Bill” Posey, Jr. (the son of William Posey and Lucy B. McCutchen). Tyler’s grandfather William was born in New York. Tyler’s great-grandfather William was the son of Alfred Posey and Christine Eliza Cook, who was Scottish. Lucy was the daughter of Charles Wesley McCutchen and Mary Josephine Kennard.

Tyler’s paternal grandmother is Joan Armstrong (the daughter of Ellsworth Armstrong and Margaret Illingsworth Wheatley). Joan was born in Connecticut. Ellsworth was the son of Ralph Morehouse Armstrong, whose father was Canadian, and of Hazel Anne Sanford. Margaret was the daughter of Louis Frederick Wheatley and Leila Madeline Illingworth. Leila’s father was English.

Tyler’s maternal grandmother was named Esther Moya.

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Curious about ethnicity

44 Responses

  1. LucyWitten says:

    he looks really mexican

  2. Elizabeth Moss says:

    He looks more like his father than his mother.

    • the punisher says:

      Now I know you crazy, He looks Hispanic not even mix I though he was full blood Mexican

      • J.J. says:

        how can someone look full blooded Mexican? there’s no such thing, that’s like saying someone looks full blooded Canadian

        • Jeyd says:

          he also looks full blooded “english” only north americans are stuck up with that false “all american” ideal some anyway

          the queen remotely looks “nordic” a very unscientific term still used by backwards uneducated hillbilly or senile types that nobody wants

          the most homogenous country in europe iceland have fewer blonds compared to the baltic states that have historically a lot of north and central asian “interbreeding”

          that sounds too clinical and animalistic how “purist” elitist treat human beings like a piece of meat

      • tiffany farrulla says:

        i dont think he looks fully mexican at all, i thought he was italian/sicilian if anything he def looks mixed

    • AnonymousPerson says:

      He does not look like his father at all. He looks 100% Mexican. I’ve seen pictures of his mom, he looks a lot like her. He doesn’t look half white to me. I have a friend who is 100% Mexican and she looks whiter than him. Both of her parents are Mexican!

    • ihatemostpeople says:

      No he doesn’t! He looks like his mom!

  3. Elizabeth Moss says:

    I like Tyler posey’s new hot pictures.

  4. hii says:

    he would have made a better jacob than Lautner, dfference between him and Lautner is tyler can act. i hate twilight but if he was in it at least it would be a bit more interesting than it is now.

  5. Anglo says:

    He is what all Californians will look like in 200 years or so, fugly hybrids. Its a shame really, back in the 40’s cities like LA had beautiful people walking up and down its streets, not anymore.

    • Jeyd says:

      I’d rather have strong healthy genes than weak sickly pale elitist mutant looking aliens walking sunny california. The environment just doesn’t suit the genes. In the 40s a lot of doughy lumpy munchkins were walking the streets of LA if you’re into that kink. Marilyn Monroe have to put on a wig and face paint. Besides ugly people are terrible, sickly, unhappy inside and out.

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