Tony Shalhoub

"Pain & Gain" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals

Shalhoub in 2013, photo by Prphotos

Birth Name: Anthony Marcus Shalhoub

Place of Birth: Green Bay, Wisconsin, U.S.

Date of Birth: October 9, 1953

Ethnicity: Lebanese

Tony Shalhoub is an American actor. He is famous for playing Adrian Monk on the television series, Monk.

His father, Joseph Shalhoub, was a Lebanese emigrant, who came to the U.S. as an orphan. His mother, Helen (Seroogy), was born in Wisconsin, to Lebanese parents. Tony is married to actress Brooke Adams, with whom he has two children, who are adopted.

Tony’s maternal grandfather was Joseph Rouks Seroogy (the son of Rucas Seroogy and Anastatia Shalhoub).

Tony’s maternal grandmother was named Elizabeth A. Neimy.

Source: Tony’s mother on the 1920 U.S. Census –


Curious about ethnicity

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  1. lelo4 says:

    Lebanese are not even remotely conected to Gulf Arabs. Most of them don’t even consider themselves Arabs, just Lebanese as Lebanon is NOT an Arab repulic and until the 17/18th centuries they used to speak Aramaic, and it still is the liturgical language of the Maronites.

  2. Capricious says:

    Lebanese, Syrians and Assyrians generally don’t look typically Middle Eastern. They could all pass as Italians or Greeks, and vice versa.

    Btw, his hair is curly even for Middle Eastern standards. It looks nappy rather. Not really a Middle Eastern feature in general.

    • andrew says:

      that is not true. They look a lot more like Turks or Armenians.

      • phaedra says:

        Turks are a mixed bunch, you stupid simpleton. Some look Eastern Europeans (Slavic), some look very Mediterranean (in fact, many do) and others look Asian. Only a few have an Arabic/Semitic look.

        You can’t pigeon hole that diverse ethnicity. But then again, you have proved yourself to be very asinine. So I’m not surprised.

        Armenians are also rather mixed. They look like Italians, and like Russians, but then they’d also be swarthy like Arabs. No different to your pizza-making short peoples (Italians) – Who can be diverse.

        Assyrians are not that diverse (as Armenians and Turks). And they’d generally all look like Lebanese people – Olive skinned, dark eyes. I am married to an Assyrian family, so maybe I’ll know better than an ignoramus people such as yourself.

        • andrew says:

          I think no more than 10% than Lebanese/Syrians could “pass” in Southern Europe, or better in the Balkans. Just pick a random crowd picture from the Levant, there are many people who really look mixed, from almost South Asian types to clearly SSA influenced people (in Palestina expecially). The whitewashed depiction of Levantines is popular in anthropology forums but it’s debunked by reality.

        • Thenabster says:

          Also, your comment is racist.

    • Thenabster says:

      The same can go for Afghans, Iranians, Indians, etc.

  3. Shlomo says:

    The Arab presence in the Levant predates Islam by hundreds of years. The Nabateans among others all thrived in the Levant – most notably in historic Jordan and Palestine.

    The Arab conquests did not result in any widespread displacement of the pre-Islamic populations. The vast majority of Arabs today are the descendants of the native inhabitants of their lands who were Arabized hundreds of years after the Arab conquests.

  4. cwm85 says:

    Thought he was Italian honestly…

  5. Check7t says:

    He’s one of those Arabs who look white, he could pass as an ethnic Brit.

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