Sylvia Kristel

Birth Name: Sylvia Maria Kristel

Date of Birth: 28 September, 1952

Place of Birth: Utrecht, Netherlands

Date of Death: 17 October, 2012

Place of Death: The Hague, Netherlands

Ethnicity: Dutch

Sylvia Kristel was a Dutch model and actress. She was the daughter of Pietje Hendrika (Lamme) and John Nicolaas Kristel. She had a son with her former partner, Belgian author Hugo Claus.

Sylvia’s paternal grandfather was Nicolaas Josephus Maria Kristel (the son of Jan Kristel and Lambertina Maria Josepha Ruigrok). Nicolaas was born in Amsterdam, Government of Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands. Jan was the son of Nicolaas Coennraad Kristel and Willemina Gijsen. Lambertina was the daughter of Bartholomeus Ruigrok and Maria Klara Harmsen.

Sylvia’s paternal grandmother was Petronella Elisa Maria Peeters (the daughter of Johannes Martinus Peeters and Elisabeth Hubertina van der Steen). Petronella was born in Venlo, Venlo, Limburg, Netherlands. Johannes was the son of Jacob Peeters and Petronella Criens. Elisabeth was the daughter of Lodewijk Hubert van der Steen and Anna Gertruda Doufen.

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