Suki Waterhouse

London Men SS16 Fashion Week - Burberry Prorsum Menswear Collection - Arrivals

Waterhouse in 2015, photo by Prphotos

Birth Name: Alice Suki Waterhouse

Place of Birth: Hammersmith, London, England, U.K.

Date of Birth: 5 January, 1992

Ethnicity: English, Scottish

Suki Waterhouse is an English model, actress, singer, and songwriter. Her roles include the films Love, Rosie, The Divergent Series: Insurgent, The Bad Batch, Assassination Nation, Jonathan, Billionaire Boys Club, and The Broken Hearts Gallery.

She is the daughter of Elizabeth (Bruce), a cancer care nurse, and Norman Waterhouse, a plastic surgeon. Her sister, Imogen Waterhouse, is also a model and actress. Suki has a daughter with her fiancé, actor Robert Pattinson.

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  1. muricansareallmutts says:

    @anusandrew Vatican State stopped them that’s the history we study in Italy we —- Italians not the —– like — , this is another mental masturbation of you.
    Also the Turks ARE Semitic they came from Central Asia in point of fact they look like Iranians and the other Semitic people. Levantines speak many languages and they have in common the same Arabic race, linguistic roots and culture they are all originally from Arabian Peninsula.
    Dark hair/eyes are generally the commonest in Northern Europe as brown.
    As i already told you move your ——– ass and explore the world.

  2. anotherrunner200 says:

    Don’t we all come from Africa though? There are blue eyed Africans out there. It’s a genetic thing. Also straight hair prob comes from africa too.

  3. Hill says:

    What do you mean where? It’s the dominant gene. Why are all the stupid comments always either from you, Capriscious or Phaedra? Are you all insecure?

      • ashash says:

        I wish you would get banned. Always making ignorant, racist, and stupid comments.

      • ashash says:

        That you believe.

      • andrew says:


        If they ban him, the comment section should be closed (being no more regular commentators), expecially now that follers got rid of a few regular users.

        He is embarassing and funny at same time

      • follers says:

        Neiltennant is probably my favorite commenter here now. He shouldn’t be banned. Without him “comments” should be renamed “random links to be added” since that’s what it will mostly look like.

      • Obey says:

        Dude, if the person is born with brown eyes, she is rather European. Where did you get this absurd idea from those with brown eyes and hair, is not it European? There are people who are blonde with blue eyes, are Arab and never had a European descendant for example.

        • Milka says:

          Where did you get your absurd ideas, “dude”?

          Actually, unless it’s some form of albinism ALL light features can only come from European ancestry. It can come out after multiple generations, so far back no one even knows about it. Particular Arabs are considered Caucasian in the widest sense anyway, or a mix of Asiatic and Caucasian. Dark eyes in white people on the other hand go back to some distant or not so distant mixed ancestry, e.g. Moors from North Africa who came to South Euro and from there spread their genes to other parts of Europe. All the immigration from South Euro and the former colonies is obviously the reason why there are so many odd dark-light combo people particularly in Britain.

          BTW just logically thinking it would make no sense for nature to produce dark features in northern places since the conditions there caused humans to develop those light features in the first place and when everyone’s adapted it wouldn’t just change out of the blue between two light parents, unless there’s also some existing mutation causing more melanin that I’m not aware of.

          • Milka says:

            *Likewise it’s ridiculous to even imagine light eyes, blonde hair or pale skin would naturally develop in hot places close to sun. It would be so counter productive. This is why Africans and other people living in similar climate look the way they do, even the different hair and skin structure is a result of the conditions their ancestors lived in for millenniums.

          • muricansareallmutts says:

            Rotfl you’re another clown dark hair and dark eyes brown and black colors aren’t related only and exclusively on Arabs(Moors were Mid Easterns also not only Northern Africans) Asians and the other non-Euros but commonly on we Euros dark hair and eyes is the average phenotype in all Europe from North to South from West to East in the “shape” as brown color which is dark not light.
            There are black and I repeat BLACK, not dark brown but black, many fully native Central and Northern Euros who are black haired and eyed (for your curiosity Germans are CENTRAL NOT NORTHERN Euros) they’re not only and all blond and ginger haired and blue eyed gee you have the I.Q. of a tod to believe it you’re incredibly doltish you’re like the other brainless user called andrew who says dark phenotype is nonexistent in North Europe lol. You don’t know that Celts the native first original Irish and Brits have brown and black hair and eyes not light unlike the old stereotype told us.
            I’m a real Euro from Europe living here not a dumb Murican or another —- from a non-European or a New World Countries who have never seen in person Euros you can’t discuss it with me I’m like a professor for you.
            Arabs invaded just a part of the South not entirely almost all Spain and Portugual except the North where you see the original real Mediterraneans who are white skinned, brown-black haired and eyed on delicate Euro face not the fake olive-brown —— ——– who too many ignorants classify as that race so wrong Arabs are Semitic, Levantine, and only South Italy not all the land in fact they were stopped in the Central by the Vatican State, native Northern and Central Italians are very light they’re Alpine they come from Alps the highest mountains of all Europe from a very cold place they have brown-ginger-blond hair and blue-green-grey eyes on white-pink skin and very thin features.
            Then the other Semitic of Turkish invaded and ruled East Europe for centuries we see lot of Slavs fully Araboid looking, and ethnic partly mixed to them.
            Northern and Eastern Euros and part of the Central are heavily mixed to Huns so many of them have Mongoloid face like the very Eastern Slavs called Moldavians, Uckrainians, Russians you see Scandinavians, Dutch, Irish, Brits, French and Germans, and Eastern Slavs who have slightly almond shaped eyes, high round thick cheeckbones, large square face, very large high forehead and wide nose clearly they’re mixed to Asians.
            True light hair and eyes like the rest of Europeans traits born in Europe not outside right the very dark appereance born in very hot and desertic place that’s why Arabs are so dark, the “light ” ones are some few light as skin but they have the common Semitic face nothing of Euros on them.
            Light look isn’t typical and only in North Europe get this through your head.

          • andrew says:

            Vatican State did not stop nothing, this is another mental masturbation of you.

            Also the Turks are NOT Semitic, they came actually from Central Asia. Levantines speak Arabic but are not ethnically Arabs, who are from Arabian Peninsula.

            Dark hair/eyes are generally not the commonest in Northern Europe, except for the former in parts of British Isles.

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