Steve Carlton

Birth Name: Steven Norman Carlton

Place of Birth: Miami, Florida, U.S.

Date of Birth: December 22, 1944

Ethnicity: English, some Irish, one eighth Spanish/Catalan

Steve Carlton is an American professional baseball player. He was a starting pitcher. In his time in Major League Baseball, he was known for winning four Cy Youngs, and for being part of the 1980 World Series team.

Steve is the son of Annie Laurie and Joseph Twogood Carlton. He has two children with his former wife Beverly.

Steve’s paternal grandfather was Norman James Carlton (the son of James Alderman Carlton and Mary Elizabeth Beck). Steve’s great-grandfather James was born in Georgia, the son of William Thomas Carlton and Susannah Newton. Mary was born in South Carolina, the daughter of Charles Rhett Beck III and Sarah Ann Cave.

Steve’s paternal grandmother was named Stella M. Spofford.

Steve’s maternal grandfather was William Powers (the son of Benjamin G./C. Powers and Mary Flora Meir/Mier). William was born in Florida. Benjamin was born in McIntosh, Georgia, the son of Alexander C. Powers and Mary Howard. Steve’s great-grandmother Mary was born in Florida, the daughter of Venancio Jose Fernandez de Meir/Mier, whose father was born in Cadiz, Andalusia, Spain, and of Ana/Annitta Basilia Andreu. Mary had deep Spanish roots in Florida as well, with her Spanish ancestors also being from the Balearic Islands.

Steve’s maternal grandmother was Mary Bertha Register (the daughter of Frederick James Register and Mary Winifred Tarratus). Frederick was born in North Carolina, the son of William Henry Register and Margaret Caroline Berry. Steve’s great-grandmother Mary was born in Florida, the daughter of William Taratus and Hester Ridaught.


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  1. andrew says:

    Abt 1/8 Spanish/Catalan

  2. jackson9 says:

    Please confirm Steve Lipken (author) Jeff Leonard (musician). Also I really don’t understand why Jim Palmer’s profile was deleted?

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