Soledad Villamil

"Todos tenemos un plan" ("Everybody Has a Plan") Madrid Photocall

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Place of Birth: La Plata, Argentina

Date of Birth: 19 June, 1969

*father – Spanish, Italian
*mother – possibly Jewish, other

Soledad Villamil is an Argentinian film and television actress, and singer.

She is the daughter of Laura and Hugo Sergio Villamil Biglieri.

Soledad’s patrilineal line can be traced to her great-great-grandfather, Antonio Villamir, who was born, c. 1832, in Pellogra, Asturias, Spain, and to his wife, Bernarda Casariego.

Soledad’s paternal grandfather was named Hugo Villamil (the son of¬†Maximino Villamil Casariego).

Soledad’s paternal grandmother was named Aurora Biglieri.

Soledad’s maternal grandfather was surnamed Falcoff. The name Falcoff is usually Jewish.

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