Sharon Leal

Leal in 2011, s_bukley /

Place of Birth: Tucson, Arizona, U.S.

Date of Birth: October 17, 1972

*African-American (father)
*Filipino (mother)

Sharon Leal is an American actress and singer.

Her father was African-American and her mother was Filipino. Leal is the surname of her stepfather, who adopted her. She has stated:

Last year, I came to the [Asian Excellence] awards and people were like what are you doing here Sharon? What’s going on? I felt like I had to announce that I am half-Filipino. My mother is from the Philippines…. I’m undoubtedly Asian. The best part of this award is your acknowledgment of that fact. I’m very proud to be part of these awards. I sincerely thank you. Thank you so much.

She has a son with her former husband, director John Beverly “Bev” Land, who is now married to actress Dania Ramirez.


Curious about ethnicity

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  1. lynsey says:

    all of her looks african american , but her eyes sorry if that was offensive

    • mids says:

      are you stupid? You can’t look African American seeming as they are very diverse looking. Her hair texture is obviously not that of a black person even if they straighten it. Both Asians ans people of black subsahran African descent have traits such as slanted eyes, wide set nose and full lips. Learn genetics or just plain observe before you make such ignorant statements please

      • NiƱaBonita says:

        Your statement is quite ignorant because black people hair texture varies also like any other race. Yes coarse hair is common but any one can have it but it’s not as common

      • Chenelle says:

        I agree with NiƱaBonita, your statement is quite ignorant. In history we learned that Africans were brought to America as slaves. Not by free will, lots had children with there Masters. Which was also not by free will in many cases. Others such as Spanish were brought here also as slaves. During that time period it was very common that Africans to have kids from Native Americans, Spanish with other nationalites. With that being said from then to now African Americans have so many different nationalites flowing thru there blood. Africans don’t even like that they are call African Americans “African”. They stated that they look so different then them because there bloodline has been mixed with so many other things that it’s not right to even consider them African. That is one reason African Americans come in all different skin tones with all diffrent types of features. Such as hair types and textures. Even though Sharon Leal is half Asian there are African Americans who have her same type and texture hair. I have family members who aren’t mixed that have hair exactly like hers.

        • Alice says:

          African Americans are diverse as they are not just of African descent.

          • Alice says:

            Also there is plenty of diversity within Africa itself. Ethiopians looks different to Nigerians for example. Also Northern Africans like the Berbers are an interesting group of people.

          • Multiethnicchick says:

            Do you guys even know what an African American is? It is a person who was brought from WEST AFRICA. Black people are of the Negroid category. Negroids have coarse hair. Why the hell do you think there is a problem in the black community calling hair that is curly like a mixed person, good hair. It’s because black people have coarse hair naturally. A black person is characterized by a broad nose, and tightly-coiled hair. Wikipedia it. Afro textured hair.

          • Multiethnicchick says:

            ethiopians are mixed, which means they aren’t black.


            the link explains what black is since most people don’t know

          • DaTruth says:

            Multiethnicchick, you really need to shut up with your ignorance. Ethiopians are NOT mixed, and i’m glad for the most part, most of them know this. Just like how Europeans and Asians differ in looks by region, so do black people (in this case Africans). People like you have a misconception of stereotyping all blacks as West African (the ones you’ve probably only seen in your life). Africa is a huge continent with different temperatures in different regions. OF COURSE variation will happen. Africa is known as being the most diverse place in the world! Let us not forget how its been stated that like started in Africa, so they have the largest gene pool. Ignorance is bliss.

    • multigrl says:

      Maybe to someone who is uninformed and unware like yourself. She clearly is part Asian. Hopefully, you’ll learn from this and understand there are loads of people like her.

  2. Amanda says:

    She was in Hellcats.

  3. Raff says:

    Beautiful combination!

  4. Djfgklfjglkf says:

    I thought she was mostly black with maybe a splash of white, but her (amazing) eyes do look Asian.

  5. meagan says:

    I was wondering what she was,because I thought she was black and chinese but I was kinda close.

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