Scott Hall

Birth Name: Scott Oliver Hall

Date of Birth: October 20, 1958

Place of Birth: St. Mary’s County, Maryland, U.S.

Date of Death: March 14, 2022

Place of Death: Marietta, Georgia, U.S.

*father – English, Scottish, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, smaller amounts of Irish, Welsh, Cornish, German, Manx, Dutch, French Huguenot, and Belgian, possibly Flemish
*mother – three quarters Irish, one quarter Ashkenazi Jewish

Scott Hall was an American professional wrestler. He was known for his tenure with the World Wrestling Federation, as Razor Ramon, a character of Cuban descent, and World Championship Wrestling (WCW) under his birth name, as a member of the New World Order, with Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash. He was also known as American Starship Coyote, Texas Scott, and The Diamond Studd.

Scott was the son of Patricia and Henry Hall. A military brat, he attended school in Munich, Germany. He had two children, including professional wrestler Cody Hall, with his former wife Dana Burgio.

His father was from Kentucky, and was of largely Colonial American descent, with English, Scottish, and Scots-Irish/Northern Irish ancestry, along with smaller amounts of Irish, Welsh, Cornish, German, Manx, Dutch, French Huguenot, Belgian, and possibly Flemish, roots.

His mother is from New York, and is likely of three quarters Irish, and one quarter Ashkenazi Jewish, descent.

Scott’s paternal grandfather was Andrew Milburn Hall (the son of Chadwell Hall and Susan B. Nolan). Andrew was born in Kentucky. Chadwell was the son of The Rev. Alfred S. Hall and Sarah. Scott’s great-grandmother Susan was the daughter of Calvin H. Nolan and Sarah Jane Blanton.

Scott’s paternal grandmother was Lottie Howard (the daughter of Samuel G. Howard and Sallie King). Lottie was born in Kentucky. Samuel was the son of John H. Howard and Charlotte Lewis. Sallie was the daughter of William Lee King and Louisa Jones.

Scott’s maternal grandfather was George Anthony John Hagerty (the son of Michael Henry Hagerty and Kathryn Veronica Corbett). George was born in New York. Michael was the son of Irish parents, Denis F. Hagerty and Rose McCoy. Kathryn was also the daughter of Irish parents, with her mother, Catherine Kearney, being from County Limerick.

Scott’s maternal grandmother was Rita Elizabeth Crowley (the daughter of Helen/Ellen Crowley). Rita was born in New York. Scott’s brother Jeffrey has stated that he and their mother took DNA tests, which showed their mother to have 25% Ashkenazi Jewish genetic ancestry, and Jeffrey to have 9% Ashkenazi Jewish. Therefore, it is almost certain that Rita’s biological father was Jewish. Rita’s mother Helen likely had Irish ancestry.

On his father’s side, Scott had more distant immigrant roots. They include his tenth great-grandfather, Pierre/Peter Noe, who was a Huguenot of French and Dutch descent. His tenth great-great-grandmother, Margaret Dumont, was Belgian, and two of Scott’s fifth great-grandmothers, Mary and Rosanna Noe, were sisters. Because of this, Scott’s paternal grandparents were distantly related. Scott’s tenth great-grandparents, Isaac Girard and Marie, emigrated to New Jersey, from France. His eighth great-grandmother, Martha Legouch, was born in Barbados; Legouch is typically a Flemish name. Scott’s seventh great-grandparents, Johann Seibert/Sybert and Catherine, emigrated to Pennsylvania, from Germany.

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    If Scott’s mother is 25% Jewish then that means one of her paternal grandparents was Jewish not her biological father.

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    I’m late, but RIP.

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