Scarlett Sperduto

Place of Birth: New York City, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: March 28, 1999

Ethnicity: Italian, possibly other

Scarlett Sperduto is an American actress.

Scarlett’s paternal grandfather was Joseph R. Sperduto (the son of Sebastian Sperduto and Eugenia LeMole). Joseph was born in New York. Sebastian was the son of Italian parents, Giuseppe/Joseph Sperduto and Maria/Marie Ruggiero, who were from San Fele, Potenza, Basilicata. Eugenia was also the daughter of Italian parents, Giuseppe Lemole and Luisa Santangelo, from Potenza, Basilicata.

Scarlett’s paternal grandmother was named Gloria Theresa Maresca (the daughter of Michael Maresca and Anna). Gloria was born in New York.

She is evidently a third cousin of film producer Christopher Lemole, and a third cousin, once removed, of Christopher’s niece, nutrition author Daphne Öz. Her great-grandmother, Eugenia LeMole, and his great-grandfather, Salvatore Lemole, were siblings.

Sources: Obituary of Scarlett’s paternal grandfather, Joseph R. Sperduto –

Obituary of Scarlett’s paternal grandmother, Gloria Theresa (Maresca) Sperduto –

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  1. stlucas says:

    Apparently she is a third cousin of Christopher Lemole (

    Christopher’s great-grandfather Salvatore Limole/Lemole and Scarlett’s great-grandmother Eugenia Lemole were siblings.

  2. andrew says:

    >Giuseppe/Joseph Sperduto and Maria/Marie Ruggiero, who were both from San Fele, Potenza, Basilicata.
    >Luisa Santangelo, from Potenza, Basilicata.

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