Sauli Niinistö

Niinistö in 2016, photo by ElenaNoeva/

Birth Name: Sauli Väinämö Niinistö

Place of Birth: Salo, Finland

Date of Birth: 24 August, 1948

Ethnicity: Finnish

Sauli Niinistö is a Finnish politician. He has been the 12th President of Finland, since 1 March, 2012. He has also been Minister of Justice, from 13 April, 1995 to 2 February, 1996, Minister of Finance, from 2 February, 1996 to 16 April, 2003, and Speaker of Parliament, from 24 April, 2007 to 27 April, 2011, among other duties.

He is the son of Hilkka Helena (Heimo) and Väinö Pellervo Niinistö. He is married to poet Jenni Haukio. He was previously married to Marja-Leena Alanko, until her death. He has two children with Marja-Leena, and a son with Jenni.

Sauli’s patrilineal ancestry can be traced back to his eighth great-grandfather, Martti Jaakkonpoika Vesä.

Sauli’s paternal grandfather was Johan Ferdinand “Juho” Lindström (later Niinistö, the son of Johan Wilhelm Lindström and Erika Gustava Lindström). Sauli’s grandfather Johan was born in Angelniemi. Sauli’s great-grandfather Johan was the son of Aleksanteri Israelinpoika and Stina Johansdotter.

Sauli’s paternal grandmother was Vera Aleksandra Josefintytär Pajala (the daughter of Josef Wilhelm Josefsson Pajala e Jussila and Josefina Wilhelmiina Henrikintytär Pajala e Jussila). Vera was born in Killainen Pajala, Nousiainen. Josef was the son of Josef Jakobsson and Justina Mattsdotter.

Sauli’s maternal grandfather was Jalmari Vihtori Kallenpoika Haavisto (later Heimo, the son of Karl Matinpoika Rintee, later Haavisto, and of Anna Justiina Antintytär Yli-Hannula). Jalmari was born in Kännölän torppa, Huittinen. Karl was the son of Matti Mikonpoika Rinde and Caisa Marcidotter. Anna was the daughter of Antti Matinpoika Yli-Hannula and Anna Juhantytär Iso-Rantala.

Sauli’s maternal grandmother was Hilma Karoliina Gabrielintytär Leppänen (the daughter of Gabriel Matinpoika Leppänen and Karoliina Matintytär Heinäjärvi). Hilma was born in Uotila Simola, Sääksmäki. Gabriel was the son of Matti Erkinpoika and Maria Vilpuntytär. Sauli’s great-grandmother Karoliina was the daughter of Matti Juhonpoika Palonen and Leena Kallentytär Vihtalahti.

Sauli’s matrilineal ancestry can be traced back to his sixth great-grandmother, Sofia Lahnamäki.

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