Sara Sampaio

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Celebrates 50 Years of Swim in New York City - Arrivals

Sampaio in 2014, photo by

Birth Name: Sara Pinto Sampaio

Place of Birth: Porto, Portugal

Date of Birth: 21 July, 1991

Ethnicity: Portuguese

Sara Sampaio is a Portuguese model and actress. She is a beauty ambassador for Giorgio Armani, works for Calzedonia, and has appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and been a Victoria’s Secret Angel.

Sara is the daughter of Cristina Pinto and Armando Sampaio. A picture of Sara with her parents and brother can be seen here.

A 23andMe DNA test taken by Sara stated that her genetic ancestry is:

*63.5% Southern European
——–*37.5% Broadly Southern European
——–*21.7% Iberian
——–*4.2% Italian
*30.1% Northwestern European
——–*17.7% British & Irish
——–*11.0% Broadly Northwestern European
——–*1.2% French & German
——–*0.1% Finnish
*6.1% Broadly European
*0.2% Sub-Saharan African


14 Responses

  1. jonasbsjr says:

    classic iberian beauty

  2. muricansareallmutts says:

    Seems a Moroccan on blue-green eyes totally exotic before knowing her nationality I thought she is Brazilian.
    According to jonasbsjr Portuguese are the lightest of Southern Euros lol they’re the darkest together with Spaniards both have so much ancient Arab blood.

  3. NOTREALLY says:

    Seeing her 99.7% Euro DNA results, it’s funny to think of how many Latinas/latinAmericans who look like her (phenotypically speaking not beauty wise) and think of themselves as non-White just because of a tanned/light olive complexion

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