Sanna Nielsen

Birth Name: Sanna Viktoria Nielsen

Place of Birth: Edenryd, Skåne, Sweden

Date of Birth: 27 November, 1984

Ethnicity: Swedish, Danish (paternal grandfather)

Sanna Nielsen is a Swedish singer and television presenter. She placed third in the Eurovision Song Contest 2014.

She is the daughter of Ingmari Clary Viktoria Hägerstrand and Niels Christer Nielsen.

Sanna’s partner is musician Edmund Joakim Ramsell.

Sanna’s paternal grandfather was Niels Frandsen Nielsen (the son of Knud Ditlev Nielsen and Anne Margrethe Jensen). Niels was a Danish emigrant, from Snejbjerg, Ringkøbing. Knud was the son of Christian Nielsen and Mariane Sørensen. Anne was the daughter of Jens Dystrup and Ane Marie Nielsen.

Sanna’s paternal grandmother was Margit Alfrida Johansson (the daughter of Edving Hedving Johansson and Alma Larsson). Edving was the son of Johan Nilsson Juhlin and Johanna Kristina Gustafsdotter. Alma was the daughter of an unknown father and Bengta Larsdotter.

Sanna’s maternal grandfather was Karl Gustaf Hägerstrand (the son of Karl August Ragnar Hägerstrand and Marta Vilhelmina Karlsson). Sanna’s great-grandfather Karl was the son of Carl Vilhelm Hägerstrand and Maria Carlsdotter. Marta was the daughter of Karl Johan Svensson and Elin Svensdotter.

Sanna’s maternal grandmother was Anna Lisa Palmkvist (the daughter of Saul Manfred Palmqvist, later Palmkvist, and of Astrid Anna Viktoria Frejd). Manfred was the son of Saul Leander Palmqvist and Sara Maria Johansdotter. Astrid was the daughter of Johan Paulinus Frejd and Anna Kristina Svensson.

Sanna’s matrilineal ancestry can be traced back to her fourth great-grandmother, Lisa Petersdotter (c. 1818 – died in Värnamo, Jönköping).

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