Ryan Guzman

"Red 2" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals

Guzman in 2013, photo by PrPhotos

Birth Name: Ryan Anthony Guzman

Place of Birth: Abilene, Taylor, Texas, U.S.

Date of Birth: September 21, 1987

*father – Mexican
*mother – English, Scottish, German, Swedish, more distant French and Dutch

Ryan Guzman is an American actor, model, and mixed martial artist. He is known for his roles in two Step Up films, as well as The Boy Next Door and Everybody Wants Some!!

He is the son of Lisa and Ramon Guzman. He has two children with his fiancée, Brazilian actress and fitness model Chrysti Ane.

Ryan has said:

I’m Mexican-American. My dad was actually born in Mexico. He was raised up there, and he came back and forth to America pretty much his whole teenage years. My mom is from Sacramento, Calif., and she’s a blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl. She’s a whitey. [Laughs]… I was born in Texas, but at a young age, I moved to Sacramento, Calif. I moved out to L.A. almost two years ago.

A picture of Ryan with his parents can be seen here.

Ryan’s maternal grandfather was Duane Richard Hudson (the son of Ernest Henry/Hall Hudson and Irma Bowers). Duane was born in Arkansas, to a Colorado-born father and an Arkansas-born mother. Ernest was the son of Arthur Henry Hudson and Alka Blanche/Blanch Holmgrain; Alka’s parents, Peter Johanas Holmgrain and Hannah Johnson, were Swedish. Ryan’s great-grandmother Irma was the daughter of Robin Henry Bowers and Blanche Irene Jordan.

Ryan’s maternal grandmother is Sharon Lynne Antrim (the daughter of Edward Leon Antrim and Gyneth Faye Robinson). Sharon was born in California, to Nebraska-born parents. Edward was the son of James Leon Antrim and Leah Selina Beckley. Gyneth was the daughter of William E. Robinson and Fleta M. Jennewein.

Sources: Obituary of Ryan’s maternal grandfather, Duane Richard Hudson – https://www.legacy.com

Genealogy of Ryan’s maternal great-great-grandmother, Blanche Irene Jordan – http://worldconnect.rootsweb.ancestry.com

Ryan’s maternal great-grandmother, Gyneth Faye Robinson, on the 1920 U.S. Census – https://familysearch.org

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  1. andrew says:

    You are probably not too, considering your surname. Is that something relevant today?

    • jonasbttencourt says:

      LOL are you really making assumptions about my own ethnicity without even seen me, just based on my surname?(witch, by the way, is Bittencourt, originally Bettencourt, it comes from Portugual, being a variation of the Norman surname “Bethéncourt”). And yes, i am a white guy, just like Ryan, people in North America and Northern Europe até so ignorant about race and ethnicity, they have a bunch of stupid stereotypes for people who are not only northern european just so they can feel better than the rest of the world. Just because a white person has some distant non-white ancestry does not make this person less white, If you have fair skin, straight hair, thin lips and thin nose, you are white, and having some distant non-white ancestry does not change that. And yes, this is relevant today, otherwise this website would not even exist, and you would not come here ask stupid questions like that. Got it?

      • jonasbttencourt says:

        *are so ignorant

      • jonasbttencourt says:

        *straight and/or waivy hair

      • Oaken05 says:

        Seems to be that you’re just a banned troll under another name. Your posts are way too familiar.

        Well, it’s time for this place to be cleaned of its trolls, again…

        • jonasbttencourt says:

          Dude, just leave me alone, you reply every single comment i make in this site, the joke is on you. This is a website that discuss race and ethnicity, im just giving my opinions on this matter, everyone has different perspectives, and that’s Fine. It just seems that you are just a fragile ass who just can’t handle reading something that you don’t agree with, and keeps asking to “ban” people, this is such i dick move to make, so everyone has to have the same perspectives in order to be on this site? What is this? Just like i Said before, go get a grip, and leave me alone, i already have a wife to get under my skin

        • jonasbttencourt says:

          By the way, i am not a “banned troll under another name” that’s my name, and this is the first time ever that i am using an account in this site. If you saw someone with the same “writting style” than me, well, this is either just a coincidence, or something that you just made up to undermaind the things that i say. You are using a well-known virtual debate tactic, making things out of the blue about your opponent or make assumptions about him, Just like Andrew. Everything to disqualify or diminish the importance of what is said by the person with contrary opinions. I must warn you that this will not work against me.

        • jonasbttencourt says:

          *just like Andrew is doing

    • andrew says:

      Well, why you have to remark that “just because a white person has some distant non-white ancestry does not make this person less white”. It seems you are talking about you, Bettencourt (classic Latin American surname indeed). I assume being white is relevant for those who aren’t (like you). Those who are (white), they dont care.

      • jonasbttencourt says:

        Again, you are making assumptions about my own ethnicity without even seeing me, Just based on my surname, now talk about pure stupidity LOL… And why are you even in this site If matters of Race and ethnicity are not important to you? I made the remark that you quoted in order to give an exemple on how most northern european and North American people are full of —- when it comes to whiteness, they like to pretend it’s not a relevant thing to them, but when someone outside Noth/northwest Europe and North America identifes as white, they just throw a bunch of stupid stereotypes in them, only based on language and nationality, in order to cast them apart from the “true Whites”. This is ALL about colorism. Who is white in basically 80% of the world, might not be white in North America and Northern Europe, it’s a matter of social construction and stereotypes that were created in these regions. So what i said was pretty much in LINE with the discussion about Ryan in this site, the point that i am making is that in literally ANY COUNTRY outside Noth/northwest Europe and North America he will be perceived as what he is : JUST ANOTHER REGULAR WHITE PERSON (i mean, just LOOK AT HIM, he just tans easily, like George Clooney, who is just northwestern european white. Without that tan, he is just a plain white guy, look at his lips, nose, hair, and eyes), but americans and nothwest europeans make the definition of “white” such a fuzzy concept LOL… For most of them, Javier Barden, Antonio Banderas, Rodrigo Santoro, and even Gisele Bündchen are not in the “white” ethnic category, they use this bs term “latino”, witch is purely based on lenguage and nationality, but they wanna pretend it’s about race to cast people from different cultures apart just to feel superior, while saying things like “yes,we are white, but we don’t care about this”… oh give me a break. You guys just like to throw this “one drop rule” notion of whiteness in everybody who is not North American and Northern European white to cast them apart, but if you guys turn this rule against yourselfs, a lot of white people in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zeland would be POC… The thing is, white americans like to pretend that they are anti-white supremacy, anti-nazism, but a lot of them use concepts from those doctrines to segregate people. If not, why are they SO gate keeping when it comes to whiteness? Why they get SO upset when someone outside the anglo-saxon culture identifes as white? Why they think they are the only ones entitled to be “white” ? Hell, don’t you think there’s something really wrong with the Noth American and Northern European notion of whiteness when someone as caucasian as Guilhermo Del Toro or Gisele Bündchen are labeled as POC? Damn, you guys need to do some travelling and learn more about colorism in western society and hominin admixture… You guys were brainwashed by northwestern european propaganda, you don’t need to look like freaking PAUL BETTANY to be white LOL… It’s quite Sad How americans still have this “one drop rule” mindset, even If you have fair skin, straight and/or waivy hair, thin nose, and thin lips you can’t be white because one or two of your great-great grandparents were POC. So Rebecca Hall, for exemple, is not white because her mother has some black blood? This is just insane, it’s racist because It reenforces this notion of “racial purity”, and labels her as a POC, even If she is as white as any nordic person, in fact, things like this undermine the struggles that ethnic minorities face. So that’s basically it, the joke is on you guys, shame on you for reenforcing so many stupid stereotypes about race and ethnicity.

  2. Lee says:

    Oh wait.. U weren’t implying that to me or maybe u were, and you’re triggered because I stat what your ancestory is? You’re indigenous there’s no denying it. Be proud it’s not a bad thing, it’s part of your heritage. Sorry, I may get banned lol.

  3. Lee says:

    @ sienagomez1 there’s NO such thing as in “white” people the term “white” started in the US cause there were loads of European people’s immigrating into the US at the time, Russians, Norwegian, Irish, Polish, Scottish, Italian etc so it got confusing to identify them, so that’s how the term “white” got started blame the US government lol. Europeans were anything except “white” such a useless and unacceptable term.

  4. sienagomez1 says:

    He’s white for the world

  5. sienagomez1 says:

    He’s White

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