Robert Romanus

Robert Romanus – Spike TV’s “Guys Choice” 2011 – Photo Credit: Andrew Evans / PR Photos 

Place of Birth: (possibly) Barre, Vermont, U.S.

Date of Birth: July 17, 1956

Ethnicity: Lebanese

Robert Romanus is an American actor. He is the brother of actor Richard Romanus. They were raised in West Hartford, Connecticut.

Robert is the son of Eileen and Raymond Romanus/Romanos.

Robert’s paternal grandfather was named Louis Malhen Romanos. Louis was born in Blouza, Lebanon.

Robert’s paternal grandmother was Mary George Shadroui/Shadroni (the daughter of George Shadroui and Maryanna/Annie Salimi). Mary was born in either Puerto Rico or Mexico, to parents from Baabda, Lebanon.

Robert’s maternal grandparents were Richard J. Maloof/Muloof and Sadie Jaboon/Joseph. Richard and Sadie were born in Baalbek, Lebanon.

Sources: Robert’s mother on the 1930 U.S. Census –

Obituary of Robert’s mother –

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  1. Johnsonades says:

    Robert’s paternal grandfather Louis Malhen Romanos was born in Blouza, Lebanon as can be seen in the marriage act of 1908 and Mary George Shadroui/Shadroni (or at least her parents) was born in Baabda, Lebanon (in the index card says Hadad but in the actual act says Badad) as can be seen here

    In the marriage act of 1947 of their daughter Josephine Mary Romanos it says both Louis Romanos and Mary Shadroui were from Mount Lebanon as seen here

    Robert’s maternal grandparents Richard Maloof and Sadie Jaboon were both from Baalbek, Lebanon as can be seen in the birth certificate of their daughter Lina/Madelina in 1913 here

    This makes Robert 100% Lebanese not Syrian-Lebanese.

  2. andrew says:

    isn’t his brother more famous?

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