Rebecca Black

Black in 2011, Helga Esteb /

Birth Name: Rebecca Renee Black

Place of Birth: Irvine, California, U.S.

Date of Birth: June 21, 1997

*English, Polish, Italian (father)
*Mexican (mother)

Rebecca Black is an American YouTuber and singer. She is known for her single “Friday.” Her father, from Iowa, has English, Polish, and Italian ancestry. Her mother is of Mexican ancestry. Rebecca stated in an interview on Mun2tv that she speaks Spanish.


Curious about ethnicity

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  1. Paul. says:

    …Isn’t this site for celebrities..?

  2. sound_soldier says:

    Moreover, I know a Pakistani female singer, Nadia Ali who looks exactly as Rebecca Black !! Here why I thought she had Arab heritage !

  3. sound_soldier says:

    I thought she had a little Arab heritage but I’m wrong lol.
    Her Italian and Spanish descent explains why she looks “exotic”.

    • Shamshir says:

      Pakistanis are not Arabs ^-^
      Arab countries inculde : Morocco,Algeria, Sudan, Mauritania,Egypt,Saudi Arabia,Yemen,UAE,Jordan,Iraq, Somalia,Qatar,Oman,Syria, Libya,Lebanon,Kuwait,Bahrain, Tunisia and Djibouti.Arabs are Semitic,Pakistanis are Aryan or Dravidian.

    • ukrainianguy says:

      it could very well be her Polish ancestry, there are many Eastern Europeans who look similar to her except she looks more western.. she doesn’t seem exotic at all only to Americans who know very little on European looks

  4. Mike says:

    her myspace says native american

  5. WTF says:

    Kind of seems like she lied about her ethnicity to sound ‘exotic’. Also I thought this was about Celebrities not viral music video “artists” – i mean that word very loosely.

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