Raul Seixas

Birth Name: Raul Santos Seixas

Date of Birth: 28 June, 1945

Place of Birth: Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

Date of Death: 21 August, 1989

Place of Death: São Paulo, Brazil

Ethnicity: Brazilian [Portuguese, likely some African, possibly other]

Raul Seixas was a Brazilian rock composer, singer, songwriter, and producer. He was known as Father of Brazilian Rock, Raulzito/Little Raul, and Maluco Beleza/Groovy Nutcase.

He was the son of Maria Eugênia Pereira dos Santos and Raul Varella Seixas. Raul was married to Edith Wisner, Glória Vaquer, and Ângela Affonso Costa. He had three daughters.

Raul’s paternal grandfather was Raul Seixas (the son of Alberto Seixas and Constança Seixas). Raul’s grandfather Raul was born in Salvador, Bahia.

Raul’s paternal grandmother was Aura Varella (the daughter of Grato da Silveira Bastos Varella and Hortência Amélia de Sá). Aura was born in Salvador, Bahia. The Varella surname likely was of Catalan Spanish origin.

Raul’s maternal grandfather was Plínio Carolino dos Santos (the son of José Mercês dos Santos and Maria Eugênia Pinto dos Santos). Plínio was born in Salvador, Bahia.

Raul’s maternal grandmother was named Guiomar Pereira dos Santos.

Source: Genealogy of Raul Seixas – https://ancestors.familysearch.org

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  1. jorger65 says:

    I’d remove Catalan/Spanish since Varella is actually of Portuguese and sometimes Galician origin, my bad. His mother seems to be part African as well so:

    Brazilian [Portuguese, likely some African, possibly other]

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