Birth Name: Raisa Andriana

Place of Birth: Jakarta, Indonesia

Date of Birth: 6 June, 1990

Ethnicity: Indonesian, some Dutch

Raisa is an Indonesian singer and songwriter.

She is the daughter of Allan Nurichsan Rachman and Ria Mariaty. Raisa is married to Australian architect and actor Hamish Daud, with whom she has a daughter.

Raisa’s paternal grandfather was Rd. Rachmat Ardiwinangoen (the son of Rd. Idoeng Ardiwainangoen and A. St. Emas Suryakartanegara). Rachmat was born in Jakarta.

Raisa’s maternal grandmother is named J. M. “Sjuul” van Riemsdijk, who is of part Dutch descent.

A picture of Raisa’s maternal grandparents can be seen here.

Source: Genealogy of Raisa’s mother – https://www.geni.com

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  1. Manila says:

    She gave birth to a baby girl last February.

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