Philip Winchester

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Birth Name: Philip C. Winchester

Place of Birth: Belgrade, Montana, U.S.

Date of Birth: March 24, 1981

Ethnicity: English, along with some Irish, Dutch, and German

Philip Winchester is an English and American actor.

Philip is the son of Barbara Bell and Jay Winchester. His father is American and his mother is from England. He is married to Megan Coughlin, and has two children.

Philip’s paternal grandfather was Dwight Winchester (the son of Oscar Winchester and Eunice Flock). Dwight was born in Oklahoma. Oscar was born in Missouri, the son of William Franklin Winchester and Mary Elizabeth Cole. Eunice was born in Kansas, the daughter of Charles Flock and Carolyn Hutson.

Philip’s paternal grandmother was Leota June Brawley (the daughter of Harold Franklin Brawley and Berta Mary Hooper). Leota was born in Oklahoma. Harold was born in Arkansas, the son of Monroe W. Brawley and Amanda Elizabeth “Mandy” White. Berta was born in Washington, the daughter of Charles Hooper and Frances Arnholdt.

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