Miguel Bosé

Starlite Gala 2013 - Arrivals

Bosé in 2013, photo by Prphotos.com

Birth Name: Luis Miguel González Bosé

Place of Birth: Panama City, Panama

Date of Birth: April 3, 1956

*Spanish, possibly Romani (father)
*Italian (mother)

Miguel Bosé is a Latin Grammy-winning Spanish pop new wave musician and actor. He became an honorary Colombian citizen in 2010.

Miguel was born in Panama City, Panama. His mother was Italian actress Lucia Bosè (born Lucia Borloni), who was born in Milan, Lombardy, Italy, and won the “Miss Italia” beauty contest in 1947. His father was bullfighter Luis Miguel Dominguín (born Luis Miguel González Lucas, from Madrid).

Miguel’s paternal grandfather was Domingo González Mateos (the son of Alejandro Cruz González and Pilar Mateos). Domingo was from Quismondo, Toledo, Castile-La Mancha, Spain, and was a legendary bullfighter, often known as just Dominguín.

Miguel’s paternal grandmother was María Gracia Lucas Lorente (the daughter of José Lucas and Dolores Lorente). María Gracia is described as a “gitana” (Romani) from Tíjola, Almería, Spain.

Miguel’s maternal grandfather was named Domenico Borloni.

Miguel’s maternal grandmother was named Francesca Bosè.

Sources: http://www.elalmeria.es

Genealogy of Miguel Bosé (focusing on his father’s side) – http://geneall.net


Finnish-Italian guy,

6 Responses

  1. andrew says:

    tag “Lombard”

  2. Manila says:

    Gracia was the daughter of José Lucas and Dolores Lorente.

  3. Manila says:

    Miguel’s maternal grandparents were Domenico Bosè and Francesca Borloni. Also, Dominguín is a stage surname, not the real surname.

  4. andrew says:


    Miguel’s father is dead. Miguel’s grandfather, Domingo Dominguín or just “Dominguín”, was a legendary bullfighter.

    Miguel’s mother was born in Milan, Lombardy, Italy. She won the “Miss Italia” beauty contest in 1947.

  5. andrew says:

    Miguel’s paternal grandparents were Domingo González Mateos/ Domingo Dominguín (the son of Alejandro Cruz González and Pilar Mateos) and María Gracia Lucas Lorente . Gracia is described as a gitana (gypsy) from Tíjola, Almería, Spain.



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