Mercedes Milá

Birth Name: María de las Mercedes Milá Mencos

Place of Birth: Esplugues de Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain

Date of Birth: 5 April, 1951

Ethnicity: Catalan, as well as smaller amounts of Spanish, Basque, with distant French and Italian

Mercedes Milá is a Spanish television presenter and journalist. She is principally known for appearing on the series Gran Hermano, the Spanish version of Big Brother.

Mila is the daughter of Mercedes Mencos Bosch and Jose Luis Milá Sagnier.

Mila’s paternal grandfather was José María Milá Camps (the son of José María Milá Pi and María del Carmen Camps Pujol). Maria del Carmen was the daughter of Miguel Camps and Madrona Pujol Baucis.

Mila’s paternal grandmother was Montserrat Sagnier Costa (the daughter of Leopoldo Sagnier Villavecchia and Paulina Costa Vila). Leopoldo was the son of Luis Sagnier Nadal and Clementina Villavecchia Busquets.

Mila’s maternal grandfather was Manuel Mencos Ezpeleta (the son of Manuel Mencos Ezpeleta and María Ezpeleta Samaniego). Manuel’s parents were Joaquín Ignacio Mencos Manso de Zúñiga and María del Pilar Ezpeleta Aguirre-Zuazo. María was the daughter of José María Ezpeleta Aguirre-Zuazo and María de la Soledad Samaniego Asper de Neoburg.

Mila’s maternal grandmother was Mercedes Bosch Catarinéu (the daughter of Rómulo Bosch Alsina and Ángeles Catarinéu Ferrán). Rómulo was the son of Félix Bosch Pausas and Mercedes Alsina Costas. Ángeles was the daughter of Ramón Catarinéu Castells and Francisca Ferrán Dalmases.

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