Maurice Duplessis

Birth Name: Maurice Le Noblet Duplessis

Date of Birth: April 20, 1890

Place of Birth: Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada

Date of Death: September 7, 1959

Place of Death: Schefferville, Québec, Canada

*87.5% French-Canadian
*12.5% Scottish

Maurice Duplessis was a Canadian politician and attorney. As a member of the Union Nationale, he served as Premier of Québec, from August 17, 1936 to November 8, 1939, and again, from August 30, 1944 to September 7, 1959. The Duplessis years in Québec were termed La Grande Noirceur/”The Great Darkness,” by his critics.

Maurice was the son of Marie-Catherine-Camille-Berthe/Bertha (Genest) and politician and attorney Nérée Le Noblet Duplessis (Nérée Louis Theodule Le Noblet Duplessis), who was Mayor of Maurice’s birthplace of Trois-Rivières, from 1904 to 1905.

Maurice’s paternal grandfather was Joseph Le Noblet Duplessis (the son of Joseph Le Noblet Duplessis and Marie-Rose Caron). Maurice’s grandfather Joseph was born in Yamachiche, Mauricie Region, Québec. Maurice’s great-grandfather Joseph was the son of Isidore Duplessis and Émélie/Emilie Rouette. Marie-Rose was the daughter of Augustin Caron and Josepte/Josephe Mottard/Motard.

Maurice’s paternal grandmother was Marie-Louise Lefebvre dit Descôteaux (the daughter of Francois Descôteaux and Rosalie Thibault/Thibeau). Marie-Louise was born in Yamachiche. Francois was the son of Jean-Francois Descôteaux and Josephte Gelinas. Rosalie was the daughter of Basile Thibault and Marguerite Doiron.

Maurice’s maternal grandfather was Laurent-Archibald/Ubald-Antoine Genest (the son of Laurent Genest and Anne-Marie Panneton). Maurice’s grandfather Laurent was born in Gentilly, Nicolet, Québec. Maurice’s great-grandfather Laurent was the son of Louis Genest dit Labarre and Élisabeth Mireault. Anne-Marie was the daughter of Jean-Baptiste Panneton and Francoise Rocheleau.

Maurice’s maternal grandmother was Charlotte-Esther-Emma McCallum (the daughter of John McCallum and Marie-Flave/Flavie Raymond). Emma was born in Montréal, Québec. John was Scottish. Marie-Flave was born in La Prairie, Québec, the daughter of Jean-Baptiste Raymond and Marie-Clotilde/Clothilde Girardin.

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