Matt Lintz

Place of Birth: Fargo, Georgia, U.S.

Date of Birth: May 23, 2001

Ethnicity: English, German, some Scottish and Irish, more distant Dutch

Matt Lintz is an American actor. His roles include the shows Ms. Marvel and The Walking Dead and the film Pixels. He is also credited as Matthew Lintz.

He is the son of actress Kelly Collins Lintz, and the brother of actors Mackenzie Lintz, Madison Lintz, and Macsen Lintz.

Matt’s paternal grandfather is Henry Kimmel Lintz (the son of Arthur John Lintz and Berenice Helen Kimmel). Henry was born in New York. Arthur was the son of Joseph L. Lintz, whose father, and maternal grandparents, were German immigrants; and of Emma Caroline Burgett, who was also of German ancestry. Berenice was the daughter of Henry William Kimmel, whose grandparents were all German, from Bavaria, and of Frieda Amborne, the daughter of German immigrants.

Matt’s paternal grandmother is Linda Helen Porter (the daughter of Marc Edward Porter and Birdie Gazella Waite). Linda has deep roots in the U.S. Marc was the son of Lee Abner Porter and Helen May Cole. Birdie was the daughter of Albert Treat Waite and Mary Emma Anson.

Matt’s maternal grandfather is Richard O. Collins, Jr. (the son of Richard Ormrod Collins, Sr. and Mary Patterson Baird). Matt’s grandfather Richard was born in Pennsylvania. Matt’s great-grandfather Richard was the son of Howard Nelson Collins and Elizabeth B. “Lizzie” Boyer. Mary was the daughter of Alexander Ruddock Baird, who was Scottish, and of Clara Etta Davis.

Matt’s maternal grandmother is Joanne Cordrey (the daughter of James Milbourne Cordrey and Virginia Lee Bragg). Joanne was born in Delaware. James was the son of Clarence Horsey Cordrey and Blanche Elmita Downes. Virginia was the daughter of Hubert Leo Bragg, whose mother was of Irish descent, and of Mary Catherine Gentges, who was of mostly German ancestry.

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