Mathilda May

Les Lumieres 2013 Cinema Awards 18th Ceremony - Arrivals

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Birth Name: Karin Haïm

Place of Birth: Saint-Ouen, Paris, France

Date of Birth: 8 February, 1965

*Greek Jewish, Turkish Jewish (father)
*Swedish (mother)

Mathilda May is a French actress. She has starred in the films Lifeforce (1985), The Cry of the Owl, and Naked Tango, among others.

Her father is Victor Haïm, a French playwright, who is from a Greek Jewish and Turkish Jewish family. Her mother is Margareta Hanson, a Swedish ballet teacher and choreographer. Mathilda has two children with her former husband, actor and singer Gérard Darmon. Gérard is of Moroccan Jewish/Algerian Jewish heritage.

Mathilda’s paternal grandfather was named Joseph Haïm Levy.



Finnish-Italian guy,

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  1. mycarf123123 says:

    You know the drill: Jews whose ancestors hail from Muslim/Arab countries (such as Turkey) are considered Mizrahi Jewish as well.

    Add that ‘Mizrhi Jewish’ tag.

    You might want to add to her to her profile that her second husband was French-Jewish actor and singer Gérard Darmon, with whom she has 2 children.érard_Darmon

  2. andrew says:

    her birth name is actually “Karin Haïm”.

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