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Birth Name: Mark Robert Michael Wahlberg

Place of Birth: Dorchester, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.

Date of Birth: June 5, 1971

*59.375% Irish
*25% Swedish
*6.25% English
*6.25% French-Canadian
*3.125% Scottish

Mark Wahlberg is an American actor, model, musician, producer, businessperson, and rapper. His many film roles include Renaissance Man, Fear (1996), Boogie Nights, The Big Hit, The Corruptor, Three Kings, The Perfect Storm, Planet of the Apes (2001), The Italian Job (2003), Four Brothers, Invincible, The Departed, Shooter, We Own the Night, The Happening, Max Payne, The Lovely Bones, Date Night, The Other Guys, The Fighter, Ted and Ted 2, Lone Survivor, the Transformers franchise, The Gambler, Daddy’s Home, Deepwater Horizon, Patriots Day, Mile 22, Instant Family, Joe Bell, Infinite, Uncharted, and Me Time. He has also been billed as Marky Mark, and was a member of hip-hop music group Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. He co-owns the Wahlburgers fast food chain, and appeared in the same-name reality show.

Mark is the son of Alma Elaine (Donnelly), a bank clerk and nurse’s aide, and Donald Edward Wahlberg, who fought in the Korean War. His father was of half Swedish and half Irish ancestry. His mother was of 11/16ths Irish, one eighth French-Canadian, one eighth English, and 1/16th Scottish, descent. One of Mark’s first ancestors in America was William Hathorne, who emigrated from Berkshire, England, to Salem, Massachusetts.

Among his siblings is actor and musician Donnie Wahlberg. Mark is married to model Rhea Durham, with whom he has four children. Among his nephews are actors Jeff Wahlberg and Oscar Wahlberg.

During his teen years, Mark was charged for assaulting two Vietnamese men, and was involved in other racially motivated incidents against other minorities. He spent 45 days in jail, from a two-year sentence. The experience changed his views on minorities and motivated him to stay out of trouble.

Mark’s paternal grandfather was Axel Simon Wahlberg (the son of Axel Gustave/Gustaf Wahlberg and Ida Albertina Nordstrom/Peterson). Mark’s grandfather Axel was born in Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, to Swedish parents. Mark’s great-grandfather Axel was born in St. Mary’s Parish, Ystad, the son of Jonas Wahlberg/Wallberg and Kristina/Christina Hellena/Helena/Helen Noblinsdotter/Nobbelins/Nöbbelin. Ida was the daughter of Peter Carsen Nordstrom/Peterson and Christine/Christina/Majstina.

Mark’s paternal grandmother was Mary Madeline Bradley (the daughter of Dennis J. Bradley and Sarah A. Doherty). Mary was born in Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts. Dennis was born in Boston, the son of John Bradley and Bridget Reddin/Redding, who were Irish immigrants. Sarah was an Irish emigrant, born in Donegal, the daughter of Henry Doherty/O’Doherty and Bridget Grant/Granny.

Mark’s maternal grandfather was Arthur Ambrose Donnelly (the son of Walter John Donnelly and Sarah Agnes Duffy). Arthur was born in Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, to parents who were born in St. John, New Brunswick, Canada, and who both had Irish ancestry. Walter was the son of Patrick Donnelly, who was born in Ireland, and of Margaret Campbell. Sarah was the daughter of John Duffy and Sarah McNeil, whose own father was Scottish, born on the Isle of Tyree, Argyll, Scotland.

Mark’s maternal grandmother was Leone Floyd Brisbois (the daughter of Edward Brisbois and Ellen Floyd “Nellie” McKittrick). Leone was born in Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts. Edward was born in Winchester, Ontario, Canada, the son of Ludger “Roger” Brisbois/Brisebois, who was French-Canadian, with roots in St-Jérôme, Québec, and of Jane Delameter, who was of Irish descent. Ellen was born in Wilmington, Middlesex, Massachusetts, the daughter of George W. McKittrick, who was of Irish descent, and of Alma Elizabeth Taylor, who was of Colonial American, English, ancestry.

Mark’s matrilineal line can be traced to Anna/Ann Hathorne, who was born, c. 1643, in Salem, Massachusetts.

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  1. AngelusVastator says:

    He ironically looks very Southeast Asian influenced (i.e. short bulbous nose, medium set brows, deep set hooded eyes) despite being notorious for beating a Viet guy lmao.

    I think the Asian part of his western steppe herder ancestry worked overtime.

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