Mario Lopez

Lopez in 2011, s_bukley /

Place of Birth: San Diego, California, United States

Date of Birth: October 10, 1973

Ethnicity: Mexican [Spanish, Indigenous]

Mario Lopez is an American actor and entertainment journalist. He is known for playing A.C Slater on the series Saved by the Bell.

His parents were born in Culiacán, Sinaloa, Mexico. He is married to actress and producer Courtney Mazza, with whom he has three children.

He was a high school wrestler and is an avid boxing fan. He also commentates professional boxing fights.

A DNA test whose results were displayed on the show Extra (2013) stated that Mario’s genetic ancestry includes Indigenous American, Spanish, and British.

He is a devout Catholic, and underwent baptism by immersion at the Jordan River.

Mario’s mother’s surname is Trasvina.


Curious about ethnicity

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  1. rrr says:

    he kinda has some african aswell cause his parent are from the coast of mexico but not every mexican has african or european or indian blood
    i have a fucking jewish nose but until i know most of my ancestors are amerindians from chiapas and spanish looking from michoacan so i dont know how i got this nose so mexicans are really diverse people

  2. ricoh says:

    He looks like a African American mixture,just George Lopez all of them are mostly African despite the fake eurocentric small dna gene pool test. The whole population Mexico are mixed with African peoples.

    • American87 says:

      Maybe most do have African ancestry, and what´s your point? Unlike you, these guys are proud to represent their country and from where they came. They understand that it took many different peoples (Europeans, Natives, Africans, Asians) to build a country out of nothing. Americans need to take a little more pride in their heritage as well and stop trying to separate based on only one ancestrial lineage. We are all mixed up, and I´m a mixed up AMERICAN!

    • Jarocho says:

      The whole mexican population isnt mixed with black only in some parts of Mexico, black slaves werent used in all of Mexico only some parts. Where his family is from, there were no slaves brought out there, they use native americans as slaves instead.

      • fuzzybear44 says:

        To Jarocho

        Blacks were in north of mexico,especially after Slavery ended in Mexico.The second underground railroad lead into the North of Mexico.Land was given to the Black Seminoles(Nacimiento, Coahuila).The Los Angeles Pobladores(most of whom were black) came from Sonora and Sinaloa.There were ten colonies of escape AA in north Mexico etc.I’m not saying all modern day mexicans are mixed with African,but a good amount of you are.

        • fuzzybear44 says:


          I don’t know what all the laughter and name calling is all about.I clearly stated in my comment that (not all modern day mexicans are mixed with African),I guess you skipped over that part.We ‘re also talking about a 400yrs period,which any intelligent person would know that people change(especially with millions of Europeans flooding into the country).Also how could the Africans have died off in the mines,if they were recruited to be the Pobladores?In your silliness,all you did is verify what I stated. Also (As you freely admitted people of African ancestry were and are still there,no matter the size.Really Mario Lopez is one mexican out of how many. Certain Dna % shrink if there is no new contribution,30% native.Pretty soon you guys want be native at all,and there will be someone just like yourself,screaming were not native(they died off).

    • kikopa says:

      You are a huge moron, not all mexicans are mixed with African. Many spaniards either tried to restrict themselves from mixing with blacks or even indigenous, also there were many european immigrant groups in mexico that came and mixed with the native cultures which obviously were not all slaves… i have european lineage that evaded mixing with native cultures by arranged marriages for generations. Though yes, many people in the whole world have African ancestry even if very far back- but that would include europe- therefore not in the context you seem to speak of.

      • fuzzybear44 says:

        To kikopa

        That’s incorrect,they tried to restrict the blacks and indigenous from mixing.They didn’t restrict themselves from anything,they did bring women with them.Also the groups you speak of came much later in Mexico’s history(1800’s and later).However your right,not all mexicans have recent African heritage

        • fuzzybear44 says:

          meant to say they didn’t bring women with them

        • marjanel says:

          Sorry but They did. There was a time when the Crown prohibited to Spanish descendants to sleep with Indigenous or blacks, if they did and were discoverd, both were punished(especially the indigenous or black person), you can see movies about that in Latin America. And Spanish did´nt brought women in the beginning, after that, Women begin to come to America(yeah America not USA).

    • Sarah says:

      afro cnetrists make up lies..mario is a mexican mestizo..he has clear amerindian and iberian featutes…natives influence in his eyes, forehead, high cheek bones, and Caucasian structure in head shape and mexico was no slave plantation or was the main land for Spaniards to settle..only places that weren’t for settling were for slaves/work which were place like in the caribbean like the dominican republic..

      george lopez tests isn’t accurate..a dam pale, hooked nose, and hairy jew american scored 23% native american in those baloney tests..we all know jew amrican ancestry is were freaken refugees and not colonial…american is a fob nation ..but mexico is mestizo nation of iberian and native ancetors from colonial times…most chicanos and mexicans have scored 0% to 0.1 black which is just a noise..some centrists want to spreed their negroid-tism to the world.. …a mexicans is mestizo as a Chinese is a might as well try to find negro blood in chinese instead…plus in colonial times Mexicans lived in their little ranch and local area for 20-30 generations ..and socialized amongst their own ppl and societies..most didn’t even see a black person in their life time…and as for the little black slave population in mexico..most died since the life of slave didn’t last for the leftover freed slaves, they were used for the civil war in where..most died..making the black population go from 7% to 1%.

      • fuzzybear44 says:

        To Sarah

        Now I don’t know what’s in Mario’s bloodline,and could really care less.However I do know everything else you stated was crap.Everything I’ve stated,has been backed up by your own anthropologists.There the Museo de las Culturas Afromestizas in Cuajinicuilapa, Guerreo or Yanga, Veracruz.Look these thing up,the people didn’t die,it’s called assimilation. BTW they have tested Chinese,and even the Chinese EXPERTS who conducted the test were shocked at the results(African DNA).

        • Sarah says:

          @fuzzybear44 Costa chica, veracruz is a isolated little town/society that near the coast..near the caribbean they are the Rare. the majority is indeed mestizo….now mexico ain’t no where the Portuguese dropped off slaves in mass in that country, in where u can find tri-racial mullatos. out all colonies the spaniards were known not to bring many slaves..they don’t like their settlements t to be filled with slaves…so they used other places like the caribbean instead like ya know..

          mexico didn’t recive a huge slave population.. becuz it wasn’t slave based economy. mexico’s afro admixed population is 1%..while 99% of mexico is Mestizo in the European +amerindian spectrum..and everyone knows that the life expectancy of slaves was short ..go read history on life as a slave. Mexico has more French, German, & Lebanese presence then “black”..I mean why should mexico acknowledge a non-existent negroid presence..while it can’t acknowledge “french”. Most of the rare black ppl in mexico are immigrants any Giovanni dos santos who has..his afro ancestry from his Brazilian father..but you know what I still consider those 1% Afro-Mexicans as my countrymen, as long as they don’t want to pull the annoying victim card and they accept what we have in common is Amerindian and European admixture and not African. plus in mexico they are even more asian mexicans in Mexicali i and Baja California then there is “black” no need to acknowledge a non-Existent “asian or black” presence…becuz in mexico we aren’t a fob nation..all I have to say is “viva francia”. now have nice day…

          • fuzzybear44 says:


            Look I Understand your basing everything your saying,by what you see today,Also by what you think someone,mixed with black should look like on the outside.However I’m basing everything on factual history,and all the dna sampling they’ve done down there.Such as :

            Fact coming from(Jose Antonio MacGregor Campuzano, a Mexico City anthropologist):
            In the 17th century the population of New Spain, or what today is Mexico,
            was 3 million Indians, 1 million black African slaves and about 150,000 Spaniards.

            Nacimiento, Coahuila is home to the descendants of black seminoles

            Cerda-Flores and his colleagues also examined the DNA of Mexican-Americans in Texas, who came out as about 6 percent black. Other studies of Mexicans and Mexican-Americans by molecular anthropologists have come up with black admixture rates ranging from 3 percent to 8 percent

            “Afromestizos were part of the population that founded Nacogdoches, San Antonio, Laredo, La Bahía, Albuquerque, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara.”

            pobladores recruited by the Spanish Crown to settle Los Angeles in 1781 were of African descent. Of the afromestizos in the group some hailed from Rosario, Sinaloa (a town where many of the residents were of African descent)

            These are all Facts,done by your own people.Anytime slaves died,they got more.It was a slave based economy,whoever told you different ,was wrong.The only reason you don’t notice more afro looking people,is because Europeans have been flooding in there(and they believe in assimilation).Also that 1% that you mention,is just the people who can’t or want deny their African Blood.The others have assimilated,which why you get 1%-5% African blood level.However I know I’m wasting my time,because you already know this.The facts are coming out,you and other can continue to deny all you want,but it want change the facts.

  3. heather says:

    He is Sooo hottt !!

  4. Delnegro says:

    He’s bi

  5. is it friday yet says:

    on saved by the bell the producers and directors wanted him to have his hair jerry thats why it was,,but his hair was naturally straight

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