Mario Lopez

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Place of Birth: San Diego, California, United States

Date of Birth: October 10, 1973

Ethnicity: Mexican [Spanish, Indigenous]

Mario Lopez is an American actor and entertainment journalist. He is known for playing A.C Slater on the series Saved by the Bell.

His parents were born in Culiacán, Sinaloa, Mexico. He is married to actress and producer Courtney Mazza, with whom he has three children.

He was a high school wrestler and is an avid boxing fan. He also commentates professional boxing fights.

A DNA test whose results were displayed on the show Extra (2013) stated that Mario’s genetic ancestry includes Indigenous American, Spanish, and British.

He is a devout Catholic, and underwent baptism by immersion at the Jordan River.

Mario’s mother’s surname is Trasvina.


Curious about ethnicity

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  1. Itsz Giggulz Babii says:

    OMG!!!! I thought he wuz rican! He is a sexy a** mexican! Suprisingly

  2. Melanie Lombardi says:

    Mario Lopez, is perfection. From body, face, dimples, smile & personality. Courtney Maza is a very lucky woman.

  3. Jay wavy says:

    Wow Hes mexican i thought puerto rican.

  4. Me myself and I says:

    well I always wanted to know is he 1000% Indigenous or 50% White and 50% Indigenous (Mestizo)? can someone answer me? you would help! in advance thank you
    and about Mario: I knew he was Mexican but I thought he had something else too!

    • Gago says:

      Very few Mexicans have ‘only’ Native blood, sorry to rain on your parade. Those Mexicans you think are just pure native in the United States, you know: that walking swagger, ‘hey Essai!!’..those dudes are not as Native as they think. They have a lot of watered down Spanish ancestry. The Spaniards impregnanted every single Native woman, it was mandated by the crown to increase local populations. You want Native, look at the people from the Amazonian Jungle.

      Oh, by the way, I look like George Lopez and have 57% European ancestry with a tremendous amount or Rb1 which is only found in Western Europe (Spain/Portugal).

      • WTF says:


        LMAO,they didn’t impregnated every single Native woman.Next there were more Africans and mixed Africans there than Spaniards all the way up to at least the late 1800’s.Also Rb1 is also founded in Africa,plus Western Europe (Spain/Portugal)have been flooded with black people for who knows how long.In some places in Portugal the black blood % is still high

        • Niklaus says:

          spoken like a true afrocentric idiot. blacks were there mixing with indians way before spanish ??? blacks only got to america as slaves u retard. why do u think blacks arent rly attuned tp swimming and sea water cuz theyre not rly that naval as u think. so what did they use to get over the ocean ???? rafts ?? its not a river stupid. plus spain and portugal rarely mixed with africans in ure book. cuz those africans were actually arabs not subsaharan blacks. u must live in USA cuz u think that african automatically means black. what a mule.

    • Jarocho says:

      Hes probably around 60-65% european and the rest native but as a baby he looked asian, so he might have asian in him somewhere down the line. In the state that his parents are from, the mestizos are normally 60-65% european or even higher.

    • jarocho says:

      Mario Lopez DNA results
      70% European and 30% Native American

    • xman1 says:

      Modern day Mexicans are a result of Spanish rape and they don’t track their linage as anglos do. Percentage of Spanish can vary and btw Mario Lopez looks very effeminate.

  5. jessie says:

    Oh yeah his meXicano…why wouldent he be we got the best looking people hello..

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