Madeleine Sami

Birth Name: Madeleine Nalani Sami

Place of Birth: Auckland, New Zealand

Date of Birth: 10 May, 1980

*father – Indian-Fijian [Telugu, other]
*mother – Irish, English, one eighth German

Madeleine Sami is a New Zealand actress, director, comedian, and musician.

She is the daughter of Narendra (Naren) Sami, an Indian-Fijian mechanic from Suva, Fiji, and Catherine Southee, a teacher, with Irish ancestry. Madeleine is married to singer and songwriter Pip Brown (Ladyhawke), with whom she has a daughter.

Madeleine’s maternal grandfather was Paul Vincent Southee (the son of Charles Southee and Kathleen Monica Kelly). Charles was the son of Henry Alfred Southee, whose mother was from Kent, England, and of Annie Theresa Blake, who was of Irish parentage.

Madeleine’s maternal grandmother was Margaret Anne/Ann O’Reilly (the daughter of William Daniel O’Reilly and Frances Caroline Mehlhopt). Margaret was born in Wellington, New Zealand. William was the son of James O’Reilly and Ellen Lynch, who were of Irish origin. Frances was the daughter of William Herman Mehlhopt, who had roots in Niedersachsen, Germany, and of Sarah Ann Hamilton.

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