Lezlie Deane

Birth Name: Leslie Denise Lonon

Place of Birth: Corsicana, Navarro, Texas, U.S.

Date of Birth: June 1, 1964

Ethnicity: English, some Scottish

Lezlie Deane is an American singer, musician, roller derby athlete, and actress. She is also known as Lezlie Dean.

Lezlie’s paternal grandfather was Valon Alton Lonon (the son of George Franklin Lonon and Daisy Beasley). George was the son of Edwin H. Lonon and Mary Jane Simms. Daisy was the daughter of Jesse Thomas Beasley and Etta Briley.

Lezlie’s paternal grandmother was Nora Mae Ware (the son of William Edgar Ware and Mary Jane Spence). William was the son of William Harris Ware and Sarah Catherine Wylie. Mary Jane was the daughter of Henry Clay Spence and Susan M. Thomas.

Lezlie’s maternal grandfather was Eldridge/Eldredge/Eldrige Houston McCord (the son of Thomas H. “Tom” McCord and George Alice Hulan/Hulon). George was the daughter of John L. Hulan and Crain.

Lezlie’s maternal grandmother was named Walta Valkey Smith.

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