Lais Ribeiro

2010 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - Runway

Ribeiro in 2010, photo by

Birth Name: Lais Pereira de Oliveira

Place of Birth: Miguel Alves, Piauí, Brazil

Date of Birth: 5 October, 1989

Ethnicity: Brazilian [African, Indigenous, Portuguese]

Lais Ribeiro is a Brazilian model. She has been a Victoria’s Secret Angel. She is 6′0″.

She is the daughter of Maria do Socorro Carvalho Pereira and José Ribeiro de Oliveira Filho. Lais is married to American professional basketball player Joakim Noah. She has a son.

A picture of Lais with her mother can be seen here. A picture of Lais’ brother can be seen here. A picture of her maternal grandparents can be seen here.

When Lais was asked, “Have you struggled in the fashion market for being black?,” she stated:

Here in Brazil, people are more tolerant, but the companies out there (outside of Brazil) are afraid to put a black woman on the cover because, on magazine stands, we compete for sales with little blond girls. It’s complicated.

She is also described as having Indigenous ancestry.

Lais’ paternal grandfather is José Ribeiro de Oliveira (the son of José Mendes Ribeiro and Rozina de Oliveira).

Lais’ paternal grandmother is Odéte Maria de Brito (the daughter of Cândido Brito and Antonina Cesarina da Silva). Odéte’s race is listed as “morena.” Cândido was the son of José Faustino Pereira de Brito and Joaquina Rosa de Santana. Antonina was the daughter of Clarismundo Gonçalves da Silva and Luisa Maria da Silva.

Lais’ maternal grandfather is Raimundo Pereira Filho (the son of Raimundo Pereira Lima and Matilda Pereira Lima).

Lais’ maternal grandmother is Ortizia Maria de Carvalho (the daughter of Gentil Pessóa de Carvalho and Maria da Conceição de Sousa). Gentil was the son of Prudente Rodrigues de Carvalho and Ortizia Maria dos Anjos. Gentil’s race on his death certificate is listed as “white.” Lais’ great-grandmother Maria was the daughter of Inácio Gaia de Sousa and Raimunda Maria da Conceição.

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  1. stlucas says:

    Lais’ maternal grandparents are pictured here:

  2. Multiethnicchick says:

    She’s not black, she’s triracial. God Americans have infected foreigners with their racist one drop rule.

  3. Manila says:

    Typo on the first source (Lais) and fifth source (grandparents)

  4. Matt the Brazilian says:

    Candido is a surname of italian orign, i don’t find any other orign(Portuguese) for this surname.

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